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New Year, New You – 15 health products to prioritize body & mind in 2022

Get all the love you need in 2022.


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Posted on Dec 27, 2021   Updated on Dec 28, 2021, 1:17 pm CST

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on your growth from the past 12 months. It’s also a time to lovingly ask yourself what you need to be happy and successful in the coming New Year. What better way to spend all those gift cards you got for the holidays on your health and mental health products?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, more than 67 million Americans said that their 2022 resolution involved improving their mental health. More than one-third of them say they’re anxious about their mental health going into 2022.

No matter what you need, the New Year is an opportunity to set goals for the future. So we’ve put together some of the best health products to help you give yourself all the love you deserve in 2022.


Best Health Products for the New Year

1) Temper Citravarin Fasting Mints

Picture of Temper fasting mints

Every year people make ambitious goals to change their diet, but nagging cravings and mindless snacking do them in. This year, we’re turning to Temper as a solution. Meet Citravarin, the first natural cravings blocker.

Order today and get paired with a free personal Temper coach who will help you pick and stick to a plan in the New Year. Don’t just think about getting healthy in the new year. Commit to it with Temper. Get 15% off with code NEWYEAR15.

Price: $79+

2) Zafu Meditation Cushion

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Creating a meditation routine is an excellent way to invest in your mental health a little every day. Setting up a comfy space for yourself is a great way to carve out time and space for the practice.

These cushions are filled with U.S.-grown buckwheat, and the removable cushion covers made of organic cotton make for easy washing and maintenance. Give yourself the gift of mindfulness with one of the best health products of 2022.

Price: $39.95

3) The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

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When making New Year’s resolutions, it’s difficult to fold new behaviors into an already-busy daily schedule. Journaling is incredibly beneficial for your mental health, but not always easy to find time for.

Thanks to The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal, all you need is, well, 5 minutes! The journal prompts make daily gratitude practice easy and accessible, even for the noisiest of brains.

It just takes a few minutes to answer simple prompt questions, like writing down “an unforgettable memory I treasure,” or “something that worked out much better than I’d hoped.”

Price: $10.79

4) Personal Sleep Machine & Sound Maker

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Not a morning person? Us neither. No one likes starting the day with that awful alarm sound. Thankfully, this sunrise alarm is a health product that does so much more than your average alarm.

It serves as a low-intensity bedside reading light, a wind-down timer, and a sleep noise machine. And when it’s time to wake up, a gentle sunrise-toned light slowly brightens for an easy, more natural wake-up.

Giving your body the rest it needs is a great way to live a healthier lifestyle– and you can do it while you sleep! With the right sounds and lights, you can improve your bedtime, sleep, and wake-up routines. You’ll rise, you’ll shine, you’ll be ready to kick 2022’s ass.

Price: $129.99

5) Peach & Lily Resurfacing Mask

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One of the biggest struggles with resolutions is maintaining a bunch of long-term goals. In order to feel successful, it’s important to include a few instantly-gratifying routines. Stocking up on some health products for daily self-care and indulgence is a great way to keep up your motivation.

Some days, you just need a fresh face. With the help of the beauty experts at Peach & Lily, you can give your skin a little extra pep anytime you feel like it!

This tingly little mask is best used once a week, and it uses natural blue agave to unclog pores and retexturize your skin. Plus, it’s great for all skin types– even sensitive skin.

Price: $43.00

6) Set Boundaries, Find Peace

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This book has been called “the boundary bible,” and sets out 6 different kinds of boundaries that are necessary for each of us to live healthy, autonomous lives. It gives clear and helpful instructions on how and when to set boundaries, making it a great resource for people-pleasers or those who are new to having these tough conversations.

Moving into the New Year with more confidence and self-love relies on boundaries. If you’d like a 2022 full of confidence-building and self-advocacy, therapist and author Nedra Glover Tawwab might just change your life for the better with a mental health product that you’ll likely reread more than once.

Price: $18.23

7) Upright Posture Trainer

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Stand taller in the New Year – literally! Posture correctors are a great way to remind yourself to be aware of your posture throughout the day.

This app-controlled device will vibrate to remind you to straighten your spine. Users say that they’ve seen improvements in their posture in as little as two weeks. And good posture helps with all kinds of health we take for granted, from blood circulation to overall confidence.

Price: $63.99

8) An Air Purifier for your Home

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This is another health product that works in the background to make you feel just a little bit better every day. For folks with any kind of allergies, air purifiers are a quiet game-changer. They pull allergens and dander from the air with minimal fuss, meaning you breathe in less of it throughout your day.

Air purifiers also help with the amount of dust flying around your home. So when it’s time for spring cleaning, you’ll find less dust caked on all your furniture, meaning you’ll spend less time sneezing and more time tackling that pesky junk drawer.

Price: $99.99

9) Beginner’s Hula Hoop

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The most underrated New Years’ resolution of all is to introduce more silliness into your life. It’s well-known that laughter can help reduce your stress level, but it’s not always easy to let loose and goof around.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, why not go back to the early days of fun with a hula hoop? Hoops are a great workout for your core and help promote coordination. Plus it’s a scientific fact that it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously while inside of a hula hoop.

Price: $44.95

10) Sherpa & Fleece Weighted Blanket

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A 15-20lb weighted blanket is another household health product you might not know you need. Not only does it help with better sleep on average, but it’s especially great for anyone with anxiety.

The extra pressure of the blanket works like a big, fuzzy hug. The slight pressure on your body can help calm your nerves and soothe sensory overstimulation. And the soft sherpa and fleece add additional sensory comfort by just being really, really soft.

11) Facial Steamer

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Sure, you moisturize. But do you really moisturize? Putting your best face forward in the New Year means making sure you’re getting all the moisture your skin needs. And if you happen to turn your bathroom into a luxury spa in the process, then hey, that’s a double-win!

You can use this steamer at any time of day for some extra skin love. If you steam in the morning, your skin will feel softer and smoother throughout the day. Or if you prefer to steam in the evening, the warm moisture will help open up pores. This helps tremendously when you wash your face to remove makeup or dirt.

Price: $99.95

12) Balance Board

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Improving balance and coordination is a lofty goal for someone with a busy schedule. Whether you want to incorporate that practice into your workout routine or just your daily life, a balance board is a perfect health product to help.

Balance boards add an extra challenge to your daily workout, and they’re compatible with several helpful yoga poses. For beginners, this is an excellent alternative to sitting at your desk.

Simply stand on your balance board and play around with shifting your weight. You’ll feel steadier on your feet in no time, making for a more balanced 2022.

Price: $28.60

13) 3TOOL Massage Tool

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Everyone loves a good massage. And while it’s nice to treat yourself to the full experience, a professional massage every day would get really expensive. Thankfully, uniquely-designed massage tools use the weight of your body to work out tension in your muscles.

Designed by professional physiotherapists, this little doo-dad is a miracle health product for relieving post-workout soreness. And being kind to your muscles helps improve circulation and movement. Plus, this tool is small and minimal-fuss, so you can take it with you to the gym or keep it handy when traveling.

Price: $34.90

14) Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

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Lots of people set goals to reduce their screen time in the New Year. But screens are a part of our daily life that can’t be fully avoided. While you are using your devices, it’s important to protect your eyes from blue light.

Blue light-blocking glasses are a health product that will help keep your eyes happy while you scroll through your phone, laptop, and even enjoy your favorite TV show. Ditch that tired feeling you have when your peepers have been screen-locked for a few hours. We like these frames the most because they happen to look good on every face.

15) Eucalyptus Shower Steamers

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Finally, your morning shower is the gateway between feeling sleepy and feeling energized for your day. Something about the shower steam helps to open up the lungs and get you ready to face the world (or your desk, at least).

These little fizzy aromatherapy tablets give your shower a burst of freshness. They’ll be particularly handy during the cold months coming up when sinuses can make it a little tougher to take full, deep breaths. Level up your steamy shower with these shower steamers for a luxurious treat to start your day.

Price: $22.99

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*First Published: Dec 27, 2021, 11:19 am CST