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The best health, wellness, and self-care gifts

Treat yourself, and everyone on your list.


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Posted on Dec 14, 2021   Updated on Dec 16, 2021, 11:32 am CST

Try as we might, the stresses of the holidays occasionally bleed into the rest of the year. Luckily, there’s more than one way to unwind and melt away stress, while also keeping our bodies in tip-top shape. Here are the best health, wellness, and self-care gifts available this season.

These gifts are sweet reminders to the busy bees in your life to slow down and enjoy themselves every once in a while. After all, self-care begins in the home. 

Best health, wellness, and self-care gifts

1) Rainbow Light Multivitamins 

These vitamins take their name from the nutritional spectrum of spirulina–the foundation of all Rainbow Light multivitamins–which is known for being rich in a range of vitamins and minerals that help support a healthy immune system.

There are a myriad of blends for specific nutritional needs, from easy-to-swallow Prenatal supplements to Active Health vitamins for growing teens. Get $10 off your purchase of $40+ with code DAILYDOT40.

Price: $16+

2) Temper Citravarin Fasting Mints

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The holidays are packed with tempting foods and let’s face it–cravings are no joke. That’s where Temper mints come in. Made with Citravarin, a rare cannabinoid that is a natural cravings blocker derived from citrus peel extract.

In other words, it stops munchies in their tracks. Plus, when you order you get access to a free personal Temper coach who will help you pick and stick to a plan. Get 15% off with code NEWYEAR15.

Price: $79+

3) Himilayan Pink Salt Diffuser with 10 Essential Oils

A pink salt and essential oil diffuser along with essential oils in a nature scene.

Why choose between the air-ionization properties of salt and the aromatherapy properties of an oil diffuser? This device expertly blends the two into the ultimate self-care tool. It even comes with 10 essential oils, so you can start using it right out of the box. 

Price: $59

4) Godiva Chocolate Gold Gift Box

A Godiva Chocolate Box filled with 190 different luxury chocolates.

Everyone has their favorite comfort food, but chocolate offers more than just comfort. When eaten, it actually releases endorphins in the brain. The better the chocolate, the more endorphins are released.

Godiva is considered the gold standard, especially this box filled with 190 pieces. If that’s a little much, the 19-count box is a more prudent, but equally delicious choice.

Price: $199

5) Pregnancy Pillow

A woman laying on a pregnancy pillow reading and sleeping.

You don’t have to be an expecting parent to enjoy the untold levels of comfort a pregnancy pillow can bring. Whether used for sleeping or relaxing on the couch, your stress will melt away. A self-care gift that’s for everyone, not just those who are expecting.

Price: $49 (regularly $89)

6) Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap, Peppermint

Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Soap with a brush.

When it comes to soap, there’s Dr. Bronner’s, and then there’s everything else. It’s not just good for your body, but it’s also good for the planet. Use it as a full-body Altoid to refresh every inch of your body and leave it cleaner than ever before. A must-have for relaxing baths and showers.

Price: $31 (regularly $39)

7) Hatch Restore 

The Hatch Restore sleep device along with its app is a great self care gift.

There are few things as beneficial for one’s health than a good night’s sleep. Hatch Restore isn’t simply a sound machine; it’s a sound alarm and a reading light with endless customization options and even a companion app. Sleep is about to get a little bit easier. 

Price: $129

8) Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

A woman wearing an electronic Shiatsu massager along with its product picture.

This wearable device offers the wonders of a Shiatsu massage without having to schedule an appointment with a professional. It massages necks and shoulders but can do equal wonders with hips, backs, and even ankles and feet.

Best of all, because it provides heat along with its massaging capabilities, it’s the ultimate relaxation device.

Price: $64 (regularly $69)

9) Mineral Me Bath Bombs with Inspirational Messages

A selection of inspirational bath bombs make a great self care gifts.

What’s better than a regular bath bomb? A bath bomb that provides lovely inspirational messages when unwrapped. These bombs are made with high-quality ingredients, like shea butter, essential oils, and sea salt.

Price: $26

10) Lands’ End Robes 

A Land's End robe on men and women.

A good robe isn’t simply something worn when you have the flu. If it’s good quality, wearing one is like wearing a hug. Lands’ End robes are definitely in the higher echelon of robes available, and there’s a handful of different styles available. 

Price: $41+

11) FitBit Inspire 2 Health and Fitness Tracker

A Fit Bit Inspire product image.

There’s no name more synonymous with “health and wellness tech” than FitBit. Yes, it monitors steps, but that’s just the beginning. It also helps gauge heart rates, calories burned and allows you to chart your progress with a companion app. Plus, it comes with a 1-year Fit-Bit Premium membership.

Price: $69

12) Harney & Sons Royal Palaces Black Tea Collection

A selection of Harney and Sons Royal Palaces tea blends.

Nothing relaxes the body and mind like a warm cup of really good tea. While some swear by Twinings and Lipton, Harney is easily the gold standard for serious tea drinkers. This collection combines three fantastic blends, Tower of London, English Breakfast, and Earl Grey Imperial – all of which come in attractive tins.

Price: $30

13) Petite Maison Spa Package

A spa package for woman makes an excellent self care gift.

This gift comprises all the creature comforts of a full-blown spa day in one convenient basket. There are also alternatives for those who prefer scents and products with a more masculine edge.

Price: $59 (regularly $80)

14) Skin Gym IceCoolie Facial Roller

Skin Gym Facial Roller used on a woman's face.

As peculiar as it sounds, many swear by face rollers for the intense workouts they give your face, resulting in a healthy and radiant glow. This one parks in the freezer to bring the benefits of cold to the face and neck. An amazing self-care gift to use the whole year round.

Price: $25 (regularly $30)

15) Crocs Warm and Fuzzy Slippers

Warm and Fuzzy lined Croc shows in red, white, and blue tye die colors.

What could make Crocs even cozier? Lining them with fur, of course. Don’t scoff; these truly are some of the most comfortable lounging footwear one can wear, especially when it gets chilly. Plus, a pair is available in countless styles and at a fraction of the price of Uggs.

Price: $45+

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*First Published: Dec 14, 2021, 3:45 pm CST