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$30,000 gaming PC defies logic, lets seven people game at once

YouTube channel LinusTechTips has created a single computer that can accomodate seven gamers.


Imad Khan


YouTube channel LinusTechTips has brought us some incredible gaming PC builds in the past, but the latest one takes the cake.

Last year, Linus and his team created the 2 Gaming Rigs, One Tower, a behemoth machine that could accommodate two gamers. It actually ran two separate instances of Windows 10.

For CES 2016, LinusTechTips partnered with Kingston, CASELABS, and EK Water Blocks to build a $30,000 behemoth of a machine that can accommodate seven gamers.

The components required to power this machine included two Intel Xeon E5-2697 v3 processors ($3,000 each), seven AMD R9 Nano graphics cards ($650 each), eight 1TB Kingston solid-state hard drives ($400 each), and eight sticks of Kingston 32GB DDR4 RAM ($300 each).

Also necessary: a CASELABS Mercury S8 case ($300) and a custom EK water block to cool the seven AMD graphics cards (unknown price). Add in the massive power supply, the high-resolution Acer Predator ultra-wide gaming monitors, and the sleeved cables, it’s no wonder this uber-computer cost as much as a car.

The build is completely impractical and nowhere near cost effective, but it’s incredibly cool nonetheless.

Screengrab via LinusTechTips/YouTube

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