Nazi troll pretending to be antifa in Portland gets outed by internet
The Portland Antifa account was created by a member of a white supremacist Telegram channel.
Flame Con has so much queer smut. It made me feel like I belong
Trans folks and queer women deserve porn, too.
Netflix debuts upcoming releases section on the Netflix TV app
It could be a huge deal for the streaming giant's smaller releases.
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is getting a totally unnecessary re-release
These superhero re-releases are taking up valuable screentime.
Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ unseats ‘Old Town Road’ from the No. 1 spot
RIP to the summer of Lil Nas X, and hello to the fall of Gen Z sensation Billie Eilish.
Anti-abortion centers are getting around Google’s misinformation policy
Google's policy only works for specific keyword searches.
Rumor suggests the X-Men might battle the Avengers on-screen
Take the viral news with a grain of salt.
Twitter hosts China-backed ads maligning Hong Kong protesters
Bookmarking platform Pinboard is calling on users to hold Twitter accountable.
Invader Zim is still delightfully weird in ‘Enter the Florpus’
'Invader Zim' has matured without losing any of the elements that endeared it to subculture teens in the first place.
Marianne Williams announces plan for a Department of Peace
The proposed agency has a wide mandate.

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