A man found a camera in his Airbnb and the company didn’t seem to care
Airbnb apologizes for its handling of the issue
YouTube still hosting bestiality images year after crackdown pledge
Company admits it has 'more work to do' after new content surfaces.
Millions of Fortnite accounts exposed via Epic Games website exploit
A flaw potentially exposed millions of Fortnite players to bad actors.
YouTube cracks down on challenges, pranks
After the 'Bird Box' challenge, the streaming giant steps in.
Upskirting will soon be illegal in England
Meanwhile, taking these nonconsensual photos remains mostly legal in the U.S.
There are already memes for ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’
'Peter Parker here to pick up a passport please.'
A redditor planted an Easter egg in Hulu’s Fyre Fest doc
Are there more easter eggs to be found?
The ‘some of y’all… and it shows’ meme is taking over Twitter
Everyone can get in on this simple meme, but how long will it last?

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