Facebook is helping undocumented immigrants avoid ICE raids
Some are using social media to keep undocumented immigrants aware of police activity.
Merriam-Webster calls out Kellyanne Conway's definition of feminism
She called it 'pro-abortion' and 'anti-male.'
Apple speaks out against Trump’s reversal of trans bathroom protections
Apple issued a statement against the administration’s latest decision.
Swedish politician proposes 1-hour paid sex breaks
Brb, moving to Sweden.
‘Justice League:’ DC’s greatest heroes hit the big screen together this fall
Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg are ready to save the world.

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Montana lawmakers kill LGBTQ protections bill
Another day, another anti-discrimination bill quashed.
North Carolina considers hate crime bill after LGBTQ-friendly church is vandalized
The state currently has zero laws protecting queer people.
Gordon Ramsay is roasting chumps who suck at cooking
What exactly were these people expecting to happen?
Depeche Mode responds to Richard Spencer’s alt-right accusations
The iconic British band is gearing up for a new tour.