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Harry Styles against abstract background

Fans can’t get enough of Harry Styles being a ‘Girl Uncle’

There are several reasons why Harry Styles fans reacted in such a way, and the dynamics of parasocial relationships are part of it.

On Feb 29, 2024 by Kira Deshler

IKEA customer tries to buy same $179 mattress she bought 3 years ago.

‘Going to Ikea now is luxury but it’s still cheap wood’: IKEA customer tries to buy same $179 mattress she bought 3 years ago. She’s shocked by its current price

'Don't they have a commercial about being affordable?'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Brooke Sjoberg

Homepage article image

Trump releases video statement saying he knows Melania’s name

Trump also bragged about his ability to go without a teleprompter and walk off stages.

On Feb 29, 2024 by Katherine Huggins

Honda sign(l), Woman talking(c), Hand holding keys(r)

‘I would be CRYING if this was my customer’: Woman takes car to Honda dealership for maintenance. Things don’t go well

'I literally sold my Honda and got a new car because I hated the service department.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Eric Webb

Turning Point Rep Gets Owned by Election Rep After Receiving 2 Ballots

‘The absolute cook of the century’: Maricopa election official wrecks TP USA rep who thought she’d found proof of voter fraud

'Congrats on losing the internet today.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Mikael Thalen

Homeowner learns neighborhood’s HOA has been fake for 25 years

‘I am so invested’: Homeowner learns neighborhood’s HOA of 25 years is fake

'Similar situation happened in my neighborhood.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Braden Bjella

Man ordering at drive thru(l), Jack in the box sign(c), Woman laughing(r)

‘I need whatever she’s on’: Jack In the Box drive-thru customer blasts worker for calling out his Minute Maid order

‘Meee interacting with the customers after hitting the pen all day at work.’

On Feb 29, 2024 by Alexandra Samuels

Woman crying(l), Chef looking confused(c),Woman talking(r)

‘No this literally happened to me today with 2 pizzas’: Ojos Locos server calls out customers who don’t tip when it’s the kitchen’s fault

'It’s not my fault'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Grace Rampaul

Fan says he can no longer listen to this band after his encounter with this early 2000s pop-punk frontman

‘Patrick Stump would never’: Fan says he won’t listen to this early 2000s pop-punk band after McDonald’s encounter with frontman

'This sounds like the same experience I've had.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Kahron Spearman

Woman with spoon three split

‘I have this same spoon that I also stained with mac and cheese’: Woman shares the secret to removing Kraft stains from your spoon

'I also forgot to mention that lemon concentrate isn’t a strong acid.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Eric Webb

Woman talking(l+r), Walmart cart(c)

‘No cashiers’: Viewers divided over Walmart shopper complaining about lack of room for bags at self-checkout

'With that many groceries, you go to a regular check out line.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Brooke Sjoberg

Woman talking(l+r), Boxes of Diet coke cans(c)

‘I literally fell for this today’: Shopper exposes Diet Coke ‘Buy 2 Get 2 Free’ deal

'We stopped buying chips and pop all together because the prices are so ridiculous now.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Parks Kugle

CarMax sign(l), Man talking(c), Repoed car(r)

‘It’s still got drinks in it’: Car dealer shows all the cars from CarMax that got repo’d, says it’s a ‘negative sign’

'CarMax repossessions are on the rise.'

On Feb 29, 2024 by Kahron Spearman

Woman talking(l+r), Expedia App(c)

‘They do this all the time’: Expedia customer issues warning after getting ‘scammed’ by a ‘fake’ company (updated)

'I have learned to NEVER use Expedia.'

On Feb 28, 2024 by Natasha Dubash

Woman talking(l+r), Dunkin Donuts sign(c)

‘It’ll be a lot cheaper, but it’s very similar to the chai’: Customer reveals hack to order milk tea at Dunkin’

'New drink unlocked.'

On Feb 28, 2024 by Grace Fowler