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Caitlin Clark holding Indiana Fever Jersey

Can WNBA fans make the league profitable?

It appears we might be entering a new era of WNBA fandom.

On Apr 25, 2024 by Kira Deshler

young man with Maserati listing (l&r) Maserati Ghibli logo (c)

‘You can get them for insane deals on the used market’: Car salesman shares what type of car you should buy if you want to ‘look rich’

'I wouldn’t touch one with a 10 ft. pole.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Natasha Dubash

milk pouring into coffee with caption 'last latte!! :(' (l) two young women with caption 'Just found out we're losing our jobs!!' (c) sign on door reading 'closed for good' (r)

‘Just found out we’re losing our jobs’: Barista forced to kick out customers after learning entire chain is shutting down immediately

'It’s crazy too bc foxtrot is always so busy. SO WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Braden Bjella

woman speaking (l) hands together with ring (c) woman speaking (r)

‘They cashed a bride’s check for 7k just days ago’: Bride says venue closed without warning weeks before her wedding with no refund

'We are not getting our money back.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Amara Thomas

woman speaking with caption 'EXPOSING HOTELS' (l) hotel room door opening (c) woman speaking with caption 'EXPOSING HOTELS' (r)

‘I don’t care how ritzy it is’: Former hotel worker says staying in a hotel is ‘one of the nastiest things you can do.’ Here’s why

'The cleaning staff will cut corners in every way that they can to meet their time markers.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Amara Thomas

Sandals resort (l) woman speaking with caption 'Storytime on how me and my husband got robbed on our honeymoon' (c) hands holding cash (r)

‘The food kinda sucked too’: Sandals Resorts customers robbed on honeymoon, told they should have used safe in room

'We didn’t expect someone to come in and go through our stuff.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Zoom ordering at restaurant with caption 'Hacking into the new chicken restaurant where you order on Zoom' (l) Zoom on phone screen in hand (c) meal in container (r)

‘Why did it ask for a tip PLEASE’: Customer walks into restaurant. The server takes their order remotely via Zoom

'Business casual zoom cashier.'

On Apr 25, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

The Dance Class, by Edgar Degas (l) woman speaking in car with caption 'My Roman Empire is the fact that Edgar Degas painter of ballerinas was Jack the Ripper' (c) Jack the Ripper victims papers (r)

‘I am genuinely convinced’: Could this famous painter have been Jack the Ripper?

‘I always thought the ballerina paintings were off putting.’

On Apr 25, 2024 by Grace Fowler

mechanic speaking with caption 'Do Tire Brands Matter?' (l) man holding tire (c) mechanic speaking (r)

‘You definitely get what you paid for’: Mechanics reveal what tire brands they don’t trust

'They don’t last.'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

person speaking with caption 'DO NOT BANK WITH OR GET AN AUTO LOAN WITH ALLY BANK this is my experience with ally' (l) Ally bank (c) person speaking with caption 'don't make with Ally cause now I'm frustrated' (r)

‘Them and Santander’: Ally Bank customer warns against getting a car loan from the company

'I have a vehicle through Ally I REGRET IT.'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Parks Kugle

woman with cookies in car with caption 'do Crumbl's new mini cookies taste any different than the regular size one' (l) Cruml Cookies sign on building (c) woman with cookies in car (r)

‘You’re probably going to call me crazy’: Woman compares the new Crumbl mini cookies with the regular Crumbl cookies. She’s suspicious

'Makes you realize how giant the regular sized one is.'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Jack Alban

woman speaking in car (l) worker cooking burger on grill (c) woman speaking in car ( (r)

‘I brought my own knife set’: Food service worker says she was fired before she even started training

'I’ve worked for a few golf courses on a beverage cart and they are SO judgmental and picky.'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Beau Paul

A photographer for FOX 7 in Austin was arrested during the protests at University of Texas Austin:

‘I didn’t hit an officer’: Video shows Texas officers slamming cameraman to the ground during campus protest. The cameraman gets arrested

'This is the “find out” portion of the program'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

woman speaking in car with caption 'do you want help' (l) Ace store with sign (c) woman speaking in car with caption ' (r)

‘Like he was trying to teach you a lesson’: Ace Hardware customer says worker was rude to her after she denied his help lifting bag of soil

'He clearly was offended by my response.'

On Apr 24, 2024 by Stacy Fernandez

Lawyer breaks down how TikTok ban will play out in courts

‘But they let Facebook sell our data’: Lawyer breaks down how TikTok ban will play out. Here’s what you can expect

‘The government has more of an uphill battle than TikTok does.’

On Apr 24, 2024 by Alexandra Samuels