Trump denies forcibly kissing Rachel Crooks in Twitter rant
Trump sent out two tweets on Tuesday.
You could win $11,000 in Bitcoin by beating this puzzle
The creators of 'Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma' will only reveal themselves after someone beats it.
A mysterious Bitcoin philanthropist is giving away millions to charity
The Pineapple Fund is creating a new model for philanthropy.
The FCC’s social media guidelines are hilariously outdated
It's probably time to change these up.


Google can now detect heart disease through an eye scan
This AI is as accurate as current risk-assessing methods.
Lawmaker who led #MeToo allegedly fired staffer for refusing to play Spin the Bottle
Four men have come forward with harassment allegations against Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia.
DOJ forms cyber task force to investigate election meddling
The task force will issue a report by June.
PUBG updates delayed as developers focus on combating cheaters
PUBG's cheating problem just became even more annoying.