The ‘I’m baby’ meme gets much more literal on TikTok
On TikTok, 'I'm baby' means something a little different.
At least 5 employees resign from GitHub, citing ICE contract
'GitHub has a lot of problems it needs to address. ICE is only the latest.'
What is the meme of the decade?
Distracted Boyfriend, Galaxy Brain, or Woman Yelling at Cat?
This group is scanning thousands of faces in Congress today to protest facial recognition
As of mid-morning on Thursday, the group had scanned more than 6,000 faces. 
Deval Patrick 2020 fever is not catching on
People flagged a number of things they weren't thrilled about.
The Motorola Razr is a foldable homage to millennial nostalgia
Is this new effort a shameless attempt to capitalize on the nostalgia hold for their simpler teenage years? Probably.
The 16-inch MacBook Pro is a beast, and it has a decent keyboard
It's the first laptop from Cupertino in three years to come without the hugely divisive (if not utterly loathed) Butterfly keyboard.
‘Waves’ wrestles with the family drama and breaks it in half
Trey Edward Shults says the idea for 'Waves' has been with him since high school.

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Instagram included in Facebook transparency report for the first time
The company reveals how prevalent child exploitation, drug and firearm sales, self-harm, and terrorist content is on Instagram.
Students outraged that professors accused of sexual misconduct are still teaching
Students held a sit-in to protest the administration's decision.