Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are falling—but don’t worry just yet
Only 3 of the top 100 digital currencies didn't drop.
Spectre, Meltdown fix can have a huge impact on the performance of your devices
Older devices are seeing the biggest slowdowns.
Trump had the worst first-year approval rating of any president
Participants cite Trump's personality as the problem.
Facebook’s attempt to counter fake news is helping spread it
Media outlets are worried their coverage will be overshadowed by fabricated posts.
Chrissy Teigen offers to cover McKayla Maroney’s fine for speaking out against doctor
Speaking out against Dr. Larry Nassar could prove expensive.
No, Twitter isn’t reading your DMs
The reports are tapping into conservative fears.
Logan Paul says he deserves a ‘second chance, bro’
'Everyone deserves second chances, bro.'
Revisiting that cringe-worthy ‘Master of None’ romance
Aziz Ansari's failure to understand women is no surprise.

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