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You can now livestream 360-degree video on Twitter

But most users will have to wait to start filming.


Twitter is expanding its livestreaming functionality with the addition of 360-degree video. 

The company wrote in a blog post yesterday that it would leverage its Periscope platform to let viewers control live 360 videos. For now, only a group of “select partners,” celebrities, and influencers, are able to stream with the new functionality.

Below is the first released 360-degree video shot for Twitter. If you are using a mobile device you can adjust your viewpoint by moving your phone around, or swiping with your finger. If you’re watching on a laptop you can click-and-drag or use a touchscreen.

Twitter is a bit behind with 360 video. YouTube and Facebook both announced 360-degree video functionality on their platforms in 2015, though the latter announced its live 360 video feature a few weeks ago. 

President-elect Donald Trump‘s oft-used communication platform has been under a lot of heat this year, from top executives wanting to leave the company to the awful #Pizzagate conspiracy. There is hope this new feature catches on, and that the platform’s most important contributors begin broadcasting with it. 

Still, the social media site will soon need to find a way to make money, having never turned a profit and eaten through $2 billion in its 10 years of existence. 


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