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Did Rudy Giuliani use the bathroom while getting arraigned over Zoom?

It sure sounds like it.


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Rudy Giuliani pled not guilty today for his role in an alleged “fake electors” scheme to help shift the Electoral College vote in Arizona in favor of former President Donald Trump.

The arraignment, while kicking off what will likely be a lengthy prosecution of Giuliani, at least ends an ordeal in trying to find him. After charges were originally announced in April, the court was unable to locate Giuliani to officially serve him.

But they caught him Friday in Palm Beach after he appeared on a live stream for his birthday.

The indictment against Giuliani alleges he was involved in submitting a false document to Congress that claimed Trump had defeated President Joe Biden in 2020, hoping to swing Arizona’s 11 electoral votes.

The Arizona Republican Party even shared a video of the signing party for the proclamation.

Also arraigned today were the state’s former GOP Chair Kelli Ward and an executive with Turning Point USA.

Giuliani appeared via Zoom for the arraignment, and during it, eagle-eyed (eared?) watchers noticed something out of the ordinary.

A slight trickling sound that certainly sounded like someone using the bathroom can be heard on the Zoom.

“Is that me,” Guiliani responded as his case was being called.

While it’s not clear that it specifically was Giuliani peeing, the seamlessness of the audio from urination to answering—not to mention his old age—had people on the internet believing he’d peed during his arraignment.

“I did not have listening to Rudy Giuliani pee on my bingo card today,” wrote one user on X.

“Has anyone ever fallen further than Rudy Giuliani? The sweating hair dye, the dreadful stories, and now this…” asked another.

Some users pointed out Giuliani had just launched his own coffee line, which is considered a diuretic.

This, though, isn’t the first time a prominent figure has been caught using the bathroom on Zoom. Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was suspected of using the toilet during a hearing at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And former 2024 hopeful Vivek Ramaswamy may have been caught peeing while on an X spaces chat.

Arizona is now the fourth state to level charges against Trump and his associates for their role in trying to overturn the election, joining Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

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