joe biden and julian castro clash at democratic debates

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Rahm Emanuel has a take about Julian Castro vs. Joe Biden

He doesn’t seem to be an impartial judge.


David Covucci


The political world was buzzing Thursday night after former HUD Secretary Julian Castro accused Joe Biden of forgetfulness during the third Democratic debate.

They debated Medicare plans: Whether people should opt-in to Medicare, buy-in to Medicare, or be automatically enrolled. In this specific instance,  the two were debating people who lost their jobs, and how their insurance would be handled.

Biden said something that could be up for interpretation, saying you could “automatically buy in” to Medicare if you lost your job.

But Castro went after him repeatedly for “forgetting,” saying his plan automatically enrolled people, without a buy-in.

It was apparently a pointed attack, given that Biden has had a string of misremembered stories and gaffes on the campaign trail.

Some people thought it was good and smart for Castro to say. Some thought it was a cheap shot, like Rahm Emanuel.

Emanuel thought Castro was “mean” and “vindictive.”

After the debate ended, ABC’s Tom Llamas said the comment “upset” Emmanuel, before asking him what he thought.

Emanuel called it disqualifying.

“I think for Castro, he could have made that point, but it was a disqualifier the way he handled it … For Castro, it will come across as mean and vindictive.”

Rahm served as chief of staff in the White House when Biden was vice president, and he has demanded that 2020 Democrats not attack Obama’s record (in effect not attacking Biden’s). How much that’s warped his views of what is acceptable discourse comes into play here.

For someone who once sent a dead fish to a representative, called his own party “retarded,” and covered up a police murder to be upset Castro said Biden forgot something turned heads online.


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