NASA posted a video of Saturn’s moons dancing to the Nutcracker


Yes, these are real images.

Everyone has their own way of saying happy holidays. For NASA, it’s a montage of Saturn pictures set to the relaxing tune of Russian composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

Created using more than 60 breathtaking shots, the short clip shows Saturn’s moons dancing to the Nutcracker suite, an eight-score compilation Tchaikovsky packaged from his legendary ballet. Called “Saturn Moon Ballet,” NASA’s work of art features a few of Saturn’s 53 confirmed moons as they gracefully glide around the Ringed Planet.

“This spin on the Nutcracker Suite features the moons of Saturn! Sit back and watch as they majestically dance around the ringed planet: The movie clips are a compilation of ~61 pics taken by @CassiniSaturn, which ended its mission Sept. 15.”

Just to emphasize, these are real images. They were taken by the Cassini spacecraft, which just recently completed its 13-year mission, where it sent loads of data about Saturn, its moons, and those beautiful icy rings back to earth.

All of the images were taken between Aug. 7 and Nov. 8, 2009. The Cassini spacecraft made its fateful plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere in September, but as this video and these mesmerizing images show, its legacy will live on forever.

Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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