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‘It flagged u for 7 mins!?!?’: Worker has to pose for picture to clock out of shift

A worker at a soda chain in Utah got flagged on his Jolt Time Clock for being seven minutes over on his shift.


Jacob Seitz


Posted on Sep 19, 2022

A video of a worker using biometric technology to clock out at work has gone viral after their shift was flagged for review for being seven minutes too long.

The worker, @scott.aj on TikTok, can be seen clocking out of his shift at Utah-based soda and slushie chain Swig using what appears to be a Jolt Time Clock. The Jolt clock claims to “control labor costs” by flagging or blocking clock punches that are outside of an employee’s schedule, which appears to happen in the video. 

As the TikToker is clocking out, he’s notified that his shift is seven minutes over time and that his shift will be flagged for review. 

One user in the comments was surprised there was no grace period.

“It flagged u for 7 mins!?!?😭,” they wrote.

Other users seemed to be nostalgic for the jobs where they had to take a photo to clock out and didn’t seem to mind the use of biometric data or strict labor rules.

“I miss getting to take my silly little selfie every time i clock in/out,” one user said.

“Ugh i miss when we had this at my old work it was so fun lol,” said another.

“Compare your click in pick with your clock out 😂” someone else added.

“I miss my old job just bc of this cool ass system,” another said.

Jolt is used by fast food companies like Smoothie King, A&W, and Chick-fil-A, with one Chick-fil-A manager in Pennsylvania claiming in a testimonial that “in an environment with one leader and 19 teenagers, Jolt helps us be more productive.”

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*First Published: Sep 19, 2022, 4:06 pm CDT