Hackers took over a third-party app and posted swastikas all over Twitter

Screengrab via ATLHAPS/Twitter

You may also be vulnerable.

Hackers allegedly compromised a third-party Twitter app and began posting pictures of swastikas and pro-Turkish president messages on hundreds of Twitter accounts, including several verified ones. Duke University, Forbes, Nike Spain, UNICEF USA, and Starbucks Argentina are some of the well-known accounts that were compromised this morning.

First reported by Gizmodo, the attackers posted a message in Turkish referencing April 16, when a referendum will give more power to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Some of the messages are followed by the hashtags #Nazialmanya (Nazi Germany) and #Nazihollanda (Nazi Holland), presumably referencing the elections in these countries and the political tension between them and Turkey.

The tweets also included a four-minute YouTube video of pro-Erdogan propaganda.

The verified Twitter support page says the source of the attack was a third-party app, and claims to have resolved the issue.

That app appears to be Twitter Counter, which admits to having been hacked.

Some accounts have not fully recovered:

forbes twitter hack turkey Forbes/Twitter

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Phillip Tracy

Phillip Tracy

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