Facebook will soon show you how much time you waste on its app

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Let’s be real: Most of us spend too much time on Facebook. It’s way too easy to open the app and absentmindedly scroll for minutes (or hours) on end while waiting in line at the grocery store, in the bathroom, at work—just about anywhere.

But would we use Facebook any less if we knew just how much time we waste on it?

According to screenshots, Facebook’s new updates will include a menu that shows how much time you’ve spent on the app during the past week, breaking it down into minutes per day. The new update will also allow users to “manage their time” by sending themselves a daily reminder when they’ve reached their pre-set allotted app time.

Developer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted screenshots of the new Facebook update on Friday. She first alluded to the “Time Well Spent” feature two weeks ago, and last week, she drew comparisons between the new Facebook feature and Instagram’s pending “Usage Insights” feature.

Maybe these new time management features will inspire people to use social media more efficiently and sparingly. Or maybe the realization that we waste two-thirds of every day getting mad at our old high school classmates on the internet will send us into a downward spiral of self-destructive social media usage that further isolates us from the physical world. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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