The social network that was famously founded in a college dorm, Facebook has grown to become not only the largest social platform on the Internet, but also a major player in smartphone apps thanks to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other one-off apps. The company’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus has positioned it to influence the future of that industry as well.

Facebook is creating a meme feature to bring back the teens
Facebook has been reportedly testing it for months.
Facebook staffers caught writing 5-star Amazon reviews for Portal speaker
The social media giant denies directing the reviews.
Senators fear government shutdown may affect FTC investigation of Facebook
'We fear that the current government shutdown further threatens the FTC’s ability to complete this investigation'
The ’10 Year Challenge’ isn’t as fun for trans people
As you can imagine, they face real privacy and harassment concerns.
Report: Facebook asked anti-gay advocate for advice on content
Facebook reportedly sought advice on the platform's policy from the anti-LGBTQ organization.
Facebook executive hit by swatting prank
Officers told exec had shot wife, taken kids hostage, and placed pipe bombs throughout the home
How Alex Jones is getting around his Facebook ban
NewsWars is just InfoWars by a different name.
What Facebook’s new transparency tools reveal about Warren’s 2020 ads
It's promising transparency, but it's not that useful.
Appeals court rules politicians can’t block critics on social media
The president is involved in a similar legal issue.
California Women’s March canceled for being ‘overwhelmingly white’
The event is being hindered by controversy and infighting.
Facebook apologizes to evangelist Franklin Graham after temporary ban
Graham later accepted Facebook's apology.
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