The social network that was famously founded in a college dorm, Facebook has grown to become not only the largest social platform on the Internet, but also a major player in smartphone apps thanks to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other one-off apps. The company’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus has positioned it to influence the future of that industry as well.

Facebook improves privacy, security of 2-factor authentication
We strongly recommend you enable this feature immediately.
How to livestream Mark Zuckerberg’s E.U. testimony on May 22
It was originally planned as a secret meeting.
New campaign wants Facebook ‘monopoly’ dismantled
Could this be the end of Facebook as we know it?
The #DeleteFacebook campaign was a resounding failure
Facebook didn't just survive the Cambridge Analytica crisis, it thrived during it.
Why Mark Zuckerberg isn’t really interested in fixing Facebook
Facebook's problems are baked into its DNA.
Facebook zaps 583 million fake accounts amid ’18 redemption tour
Facebook wants us to know how hard it's working to keep its platform safe.
Facebook launches Youth Portal, a social media guide for Generation Z
The site focuses on privacy, security, and safety.
Facebook suspends 200 apps as part of Cambridge Analytica cleanup
The social giant didn't specify which apps were removed.
Another leak has exposed the sensitive data of 3 million Facebook users
The incident has several ties to Cambridge Analytica.
Facebook could soon launch its own Bitcoin rival
Don't get your hopes up just yet.
Facebook ads outed me to my boss
The platform's privacy problems aren't just confined to the election.
Facebook only gives employees a privacy tool everyone should have
The warning is named after an evil 'Lord of the Rings' character.
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