The social network that was famously founded in a college dorm, Facebook has grown to become not only the largest social platform on the Internet, but also a major player in smartphone apps thanks to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and many other one-off apps. The company’s acquisition of virtual reality company Oculus has positioned it to influence the future of that industry as well.

Report finds some users can’t opt out of Facebook’s face recognition
The privacy setting is unavailable to some users more than a year after its launch.
Facebook meme groups go ‘Secret’ after targeted reporting spree (updated)
Meme enthusiasts say mass-flagging campaign aimed to derail their content.
White House refuses to sign campaign to fight extremism online
The initiative encourages media outlets to apply 'ethical standards' to terrorism coverage.
Can a browser extension combat political bias in your news diet?
There's a smarter way to consume your news.
Facebook is putting a focus on groups and events in latest app redesign
The two features will now be on the app's main menu bar.
Facebook unveils ‘Secret Crush’ dating feature
Choose up to nine friends that you have a thing for.
Mark Zuckerberg built his wife a ‘sleep box’ to help her rest
Many point out there is already an invention for that.
Dems’ 2020 strategy: Policy onstage, polarization on Facebook
In a rush to gather support, Dems and their supporters are turning to hot-button issues.
Report: Facebook is punishing Black people for talking about racism (updated)
Users say they were suspended for writing 'white people.'
Howard Schultz mocked for ‘majority of Americans are Americans’ ad
The ad was mocked, because its premise is painfully obvious.
Sri Lankan government shuts down social media in wake of deadly blasts
The measure is intended to combat misinformation, according to government officials.
PayPal, GoFundMe cut off armed militia that detains migrants at border
The group has more than 3,000 members on Facebook.
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