Facebook just declared me dead—and probably you, too

It’s been a rough week for lots of us, but we’re still breathing—just don’t tell that to Facebook. In a peculiar site-wide glitch, the social network has declared just about everyone dead. 

Mike Wehner

Facebook memorial pages are the site’s way of transitioning a decased person’s Facebook account into a place where their friends and family can share fond memories of the recently departed. For some odd reason, many Facebook users today are seeing their own pages and everyone else they visit on the site as a memorial. 

The glitch is present for myself and most other members of the Daily Dot staff, and it’s probably also affecting you. To see, just head to the front page of your Facebook profile, and if you see the quirky little memorial header, congrats you’re digitally dead. 

Facebook hasn’t yet acknowledged the glitch, but we’ve reached out for comment to see what exactly is going on. 

Update 5:22pm CT: A spokesperson for Facebook told the Daily Dot that a message intended for memorialized Facebook profiles was mistakenly posted to other accounts on Friday. “This was a terrible error that we have now fixed. We are very sorry that this has happened and we worked as quickly as possible to fix it.”

Mike Wehner

Mike Wehner

Mike Wehner is a former tech editor for the Daily Dot who now writes for BGR. His work has appeared everywhere from Yahoo to CNN, and there’s a good chance his Apple Watch is dead right now.