Here’s a button that texts your mom when you’re home safe

During his acceptance speech at the Oscars on Sunday, actor J.K. Simmons pleaded with viewers to call their mothers. “Don’t text, don’t email, call them on the phone,” Simmons said. So he’s going to hate this idea.

Over the weekend, ImHome, creators of the dedicated messaging app for families, introduced us to the imHome button. When pressed, this button shoots a pre-written text message to your mother. This way you can say “I’m alive, don’t worry,” or “I love you” with the bare minimum of physical exertion.

It’s about five steps easier than pulling out your phone and sending that exact message yourself, but I suppose there are conditions under which you would need such simplicity (i.e., when you’re too drunk, tired, or forgetful to do it yourself).

The imHome button was developed at last weekend’s Treehacks hackathon. The actual button is the product of and it can be programmed to do a whole lot of things besides notifying your mom of your continued existence. We suggest setting up your bttn to send your dear mother flowers for putting up with how incredibly lazy you are.

Photo via m01229/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Alex La Ferla

Alex La Ferla

Alex La Ferla is a writer, artist, and architect living and working in New York City. His work for the Daily Dot focused on internet culture.