You can now build your own Pong arcade machine from a simple kit

Haynes Retro Arcade

Photo via Haynes/The Fowndry Remix by Jason Reed

For $36.16 you can bring retro gaming glory into your own home.

Retro gaming is all the rage. Reboots are popping up all over, classics can be downloaded on almost any next-generation gaming system, and your phone is already a glorified arcade. But for the all the glory retro gaming is having in this moment something just isn’t the same. 

What’s the thrill in emulating old titles? What if you want to experience the real thing, right down to the physical experience of using spinning paddles? You’re in luck. For just £24.99, or $36.16 US for those of you who don’t like converting money, you can now make your own Pong machine.

The Fowndry

Yeah, baby. Pong. Two paddles, one ball, and endless nights of yelling at your friends. The simple classic that swept a nation is back, now with the added bonus of getting to actually build the machine yourself. Projects and gaming? Sign us up.

This kit does require a little soldering, but beyond the soldering iron comes with everything you’ll need to be playing light up table tennis in no time. Utilizing a low-tech LED screen and two paddles housed in a bright and beautiful wooden box this kit will have your kids saying “really you used to play games like this,” quickly followed by “just one more game.” Plus it runs on AA batteries, so it’s portable for picnics, long car rides, or taking to the bar when you have no friends. Enjoy.

H/T Gizmodo

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