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death-of-the-meme.jpg (1440×720) The bleak future of the Internet meme
As the Internet grows up, it only makes sense that cats and Impact text are losing ground to more meaningful content.
Bot-created memes are impossible to tell from ones lovingly handcrafted by humans Can you tell a machine-generated meme from a human-created one?
Skynet is here, and it's going to LOL us all to death.
Scumbag Steve's Hat | The Connectivist The search for Scumbag Steve's hat
Ubiquitous on the Web, but scarce in real life—that’s the reality for the Internet’s most famous hat.
undefined The Reddit sleuths who brought down a meme empire
The Miltz brothers were an American success story in the making. Too bad their meme empire was built on deception.
scumbaggram Instagram puts Scumbag Steve on its search term blacklist
The rapper-turned-meme, real name Blake Boston, claims Instagram is blocking his hashtag from its search in an act of "meme censorship."
scumbagshirt Scumbag Steve is now a scumbag tee
Becomes Internet meme, makes a t-shirt.