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Kim Dotcom vs. Scumbag Steve: A tale of the tape

These two Internet famous, aspiring rappers have more in common than you might imagine. 


Chase Hoffberger


Posted on May 11, 2012   Updated on Jun 2, 2021, 5:17 pm CDT

One’s a mad-hatted media tycoon from New Zealand, the other’s a hard-nosed delinquent from Boston. But on the Internet, Kim Dotcom and Blake Boston have the same dream: Both want to be the next big name in hip-hop music.

The two boisterous personalities took their first collective leap into the rap game last week, releasing tracks in anticipation of full-length albums. Boston, better known on the Web as Scumbag Steve, dropped “Scumbag Steve Overture” as an introduction to his Scumbag Thursday singles series. (Follow-up “My Whip” arrived yesterday.)

Dotcom, infamous for being the overjoyed Pillsbury doughboy who revolutionized file sharing with his now-defunct cyberlocker site MegaUpload, leaked “John Banks Song”/”Amnesia” on Tuesday, a fitting prelude to a dance music album reportedly in the works.


Common sense would suggest that’s where the similarities end—a viral meme from Boston and an Internet tycoon in New Zealand surely couldn’t share that much. But don’t be so quick to draw the gun. The Daily Dot scoped out both dynamic personalities and found that the two share much more than an affection for smoothed out raps.

Tale of the tape

Kim Dotcom


Blake Boston


New Zealand-via-Germany


Boston-via-more Boston

Marital Status

Can hardly get a date

Body type

Owning and operating MegaUpload, one of the largest cyberlocker sites on the Web

Famous for

Got sultry pop star Ciara to look cunningly at the camera and say “I love MegaUpload because it moves fast, just like I like it.”

Greatest accomplishment

Recently earned the adoration of the Daily Dot’s Lauren Orsini
In 2003, Dotcom was sentenced to two years probation for pleading guilty to embezzlement

Financial woes

Posing with guns, inviting attractive women on expensive yachts, climbing into hot tubs fully dressed, hunting ducks, bathing in balloons


Stealing lighters, drinking with high-school kids, stealing his grandfather’s pain medication
Pointed, A-B-A-B raps

Rapping style

A-B-A-B #meme rap
Dance-pop ready, with an assist from Black Eyed Peas producer Printz Board

Production elements

50 percent “Grindin’” by Virginia Beach duo Clipse; 50 percent everything Sam Adams and Mike Posner have ever done
Dotcom is currently recording material for his debut album, a collection of dance tracks, title unknown

Artistic aspirations

Scumbag Thursdays, a weekly franchise that finds the aspiring rapper releasing a new track onto YouTube every Thursday
Bono-style sunglasses

Trademark gear

Backwards, plaid argyle Red Sox hat
Mock turtleneck, comfortable khakis, oversized blazers

Style of dress

Olive-colored T-shirt, fur-lined winter coat

We made this state-of-the-art Venn diagram to help sort out the similarities and differences a little easier.


Two rappers with a like-minded flow, a nose for trouble, and a dream to make it big. Are we looking at the next great collaboration of Internet fame? The Daily Dot can only hope.

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*First Published: May 11, 2012, 10:00 am CDT