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Finally, there's a website for cat people who can't have cats
A cat's purr can be therapeutic, and now everyone can benefit.
Apple's iPhone is stealing more Android users than ever before
Are you an Android user? You might not be for long.
iPhone 6 How to download iOS 9 right now
It is in beta, so no promises.
Screengrab from a YouTube video. Disney releases an official 'Star Wars' app, featuring augmented-reality lightsaber training
Pick up the app before SDCC and you can access new augmented-reality experiences at the Con.
ice floe with the facebook logo engraved in it Here's a way to discover who unfriended you on Facebook
Do you really think you can handle it?
Planned parenthood Planned Parenthood fights STD-testing stigma with a new app
A mail-in test provides discreet health care.
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