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girl with book The alt lit scene's 'dirty little non-secret'
Within a young publishing clique, patterns of abuse have emerged.  
kloons-sisters-screengrab Dudes act out hilarious chats between middle-aged ladies
Gardens, gossip, and so much more.
secret2.jpg (1440×720) Secret starts warning its users to stop trash-talking one another
Secret is trying to avoid the name-calling that crops up with anonymous posting. 
Shut up, just shut up, shut up | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Class-action suit calls out Whisper for illegal spam
The startup may have to pay a hefty fine, but the real threat is to its marketing strategy.
new-goldman-sachs-building | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Goldman Sachs' Twitter leaker is pitching a tell-all memoir
A mystery banker proves willing to reveal himself—for the right price, of course.
Screen_Shot_2013-10-31_at_2.16.11_PM.png (1427×602) Online gaming meets 19th-century literature in a Jane Austen MMORPG
Careful what you say behind someone's back.