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Freddie Wong

Freddie Wong 'Video Game High School' creator Freddie Wong has a new project with Hulu
Wong makes the jump from digital to on-demand with this new deal.
old fashioned camera with youtube logoIndiegogo’s Marc Hofstatter talks $7 million worth of YouTube projects
In the past year alone, the flexible service has powered a number of high-profile campaigns as well as thousands of smaller projects.
1stmarioYouTube Guide: First Person Mario
Freddie Wong releases a sequel to his classic "First Person Mario" video,  nearly two years after the last one.
ldenAre YouTubers starting to sell out?
Andy Smith contemplates the future of the video-sharing network. 
freddieFreddie Wong's "Video Game High School" sets Kickstarter record
Wong raised $800,000 for season 2 of the popular action series, shattering all previous funding records for film projects on Kickstarter.
oagYouTube Guide: Overly Attached Valentine
Laina, the famous Overly Attached Girlfriend, wants you to be her valentine. Or else.
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