GoPro daredevil breaks into hotels just to jump off the roof

pool jump

Screengrab via 8Booth (CC-BY)

This dude is a serious adrenaline junkie.

Before the days of high-tech action cams, being a daredevil meant doing wild stuff for your own amusement, with only your memory to store the event for later recollection. Today, you can strap a GoPro to your dome, jump off a hotel roof, and become an internet sensation—and that's just what one unidentified California man seems to be doing. 

He's known as 8Booth on Instagram and YouTube, and his videos will probably make your palms sweat. 

He began regularly uploading to YouTube just a little over a month ago, and in that short span of time he's showcased some seriously impressive jumps. 
Most of his videos involve jumping off of rocky cliffs into the ocean, but he's also shown a more risky side by hopping fences into hotels for the sole purpose of finding a way to a roof and then jumping into their pools many stories below. 
8booth keeps his face covered in his videos, and rarely turns the camera toward himself at all. His Instagram and YouTube accounts are devoid of any personal information and simply point back at each other, making the search for his identity difficult. 

Whoever he is, he is most definitely addicted to adrenaline. 

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