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Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’ is already a meme gold mine

For such a terrifying flick, the memes are hilarious.


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Posted on Mar 22, 2019   Updated on May 20, 2021, 4:31 pm CDT

Some of these memes contain spoilers for Us.

The internet has been waiting for Jordan Peele’s Us since its poster was released. Following Thursday night’s first screenings, which resulted in ample reaction memes overnight, we can see why the film may surpass its success at the box office while scaring—and puzzling—moviegoers.

The movie revolves around a family of four (played by Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex) which goes on a beach trip, only for things to take a horrifying turn when their doppelgängers show up outside their vacation house, trying to kill them. While it’s easy to assign the meaning “we are our own worst enemies” to its premise, there’s a lot more to this film that will take moviegoers a while to digest, as stated in the Daily Dot’s review.

Yet the many interpretations one can put upon it only intensified its appeal, and this movie is set to rake it in the box office. Box Office Mojo posted that the movie is “looking at a $50M+ opening weekend.”

“The Universal and Monkeypaw Productions release is tracking to take in anywhere from $38 million to $48 million after staging a buzzy premiere at SXSW. Some analysts believe the film could approach, or even cross, $50 million,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It’s already certified fresh on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.

Its box office success is reflected in all the Twitter love it’s been getting, as it trended during its Thursday night’s first public screenings. Moviegoers also took to Twitter to express their love for the story, directing, score, and acting—especially that of Nyong’o. User @bradmiska called it “an instant classic that we’ll be talking about for years.”

Meanwhile, @cinemaniac94 declared it “My favorite movie of the year so far!”

The #UsMovie hashtag even got its own scissors Twitter emoji—it’s a key symbolism in the movie, among many that people have tried to decode and put meaning to.

There are many interpretations behind the meaning of the film (here’s a spoiler-filled one), and people were quick to share their own theories on Twitter. @undsptdphotos thinks it’s a “metaphor for poverty.”

Us memes

The best thing about the #UsMovie thread? The memes are a hoot, whether or not you’ve seen the horror flick. And if you’re still psyching yourself up because you’re too chicken, the memes just might convince you to watch. The spoilers without context are especially hilarious.

The characters’ key scenes and actions proved to be a meme gold mine. “Lupita Nyong’o getting in the car at the end of #UsMovie like,” @goodnightharlem posted.

The best memes are people’s reactions after seeing the movie, especially when they walk past a mirror, as @blaquimoon tweeted:

These users are mind-blown.

It wouldn’t be a giant cultural event without a SpongeBob meme.

We love how user @xspiritdesirex is already thinking of Us-themed Halloween costumes for this year:

We thought Us was compelling enough to post a huge opening weekend. Now that there are memes, there is little doubt about it.


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*First Published: Mar 22, 2019, 7:18 am CDT