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Everyone’s obsessed with these twin babies talking about quarantine

They were caught on camera having a discussion about the coronavirus and being stuck in quarantine.


Rachel Kiley

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In case it wasn’t obvious from spending two minutes online that basically everyone is talking about coronavirus these days, we now have video proof that even the tiniest of children are expanding their vocabulary with words like “quarantine” while we all try to get through this.

A video shared to Twitter over the weekend shows a Nest camera capturing twin toddlers chatting casually in their bedroom about how they’re in quarantine while waiting for “germs go away.”

Eventually, the kids’ conversation devolves into hitting each other with pillows to spread “pillow germs,” which is more on par with what we’d expect from little tykes.

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All said and done, it’s not the most in-depth conversation about the state of things during this worldwide pandemic, but it’s still fascinating to see even the youngest among us showing awareness about what we’re up against.

And because it’s cute babies engaging in something relevant to our current reality, people on Twitter are completely eating the whole thing up.

“Their memory of this will be so different from ours lol death, panic, hoarding for us VS mom and dad at home all day forever!” user @iatemuggles wrote.

Another user joked about how the pillow fight turned into the toddlers saying they needed their batteries replaced: “How they know about corona AND the pigeons getting their batteries replaced nah.”

With parents staying home from work, kids staying home from school, and families being forced to spend way, way more time together now that so many people are in self-isolation, we’re probably going to be seeing a big uptick in parents posting videos of their kids doing weird and/or cute things.

In times of trouble… the internet provides.


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