Woman talking(l+r), Virus cells(c)

‘There’s a mystery virus spreading around the U.S.A.’: Woman tested negative for COVID—but had COVID symptoms for 3 weeks

‘You don’t have COVID. You have a new virus that’s been going around.’

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man speaking with caption 'MARBERG VIRUS IS BAKED INTO THE SHOTS AND WILL BE ACTIVATED' (l) man speaking with caption 'BY THREE ONE MINUTE PULSE WAVES AT 18 GIGAHERTZ FROM THE 5G' (c) man speaking with caption 'TOWERS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY' (r)

Vaccinated? Conspiracy theorists think you’ll turn into a zombie this week

The absurd conspiracy theory is circulating on social media.

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Moms for Liberty group standing together outside with signs

Dirty Delete: Moms group weaponizes parental rage to push its far-right agenda

Moms for Liberty’s online presence is set to seethe.

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ampoules with Covid-19 vaccine on a laboratory bench

Anti-vaxxers twist FDA announcement on deauthorization of certain COVID vaccines

Their claims aren’t true.

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Podcast host Joe Rogan

Don’t fall for Joe Rogan’s latest Instagram post

The screenshot shared by Rogan is from a fake news website known as ‘News Punch.’

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Buffalo,USA- February 12, 2023: Buffalo Bills AFC Champion Silks Hanging on Buffalo City Hall

Fake CNN headline on Damar Hamlin fools conspiracy theorists

Of course, the headline isn’t real.

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An Instagram post over an image of Hurricane Ian

Conspiracy theorists are blaming the government for Hurricane Ian

Obviously, that isn’t true.

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Homepage article image

Conspiracy theorists are already claiming the COVID vaccine killed Coolio

Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorists have made the same claims following the death of countless other celebrities in recent years.

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The singer Kid Rock

Don’t fall for this fake Kid Rock post about the COVID vaccine

Conspiracy theorists are convinced Kid Rock exposed Pfizer.

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Mark Zuckerberg on blue background

Meta wants to stop removing COVID-19 misinformation from its platform

It is petitioning its Oversight Board as to whether it should soften its COVID-19 content restrictions.

On by David Covucci

man speaking in car (l) sign on glass door caption 'I have COVID, But management says its ok to work.' (c) man outside with face mask on making peace sign with fingers (r)

‘I have covid, but management says its ok to work’: Mobil gas station worker blasts management with store sign for customers

‘Thank you for being a decent human being and letting customers know.’

On by Jack Alban

lab technician holding a vial that says 'conspiracy' on it

‘Lockdowns are coming’: Monkeypox outbreak inspires wave of conspiracy theories

Online, the paranoia and misinformation is rampant.

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Ice-cream shop blurred background tweet by Lindsay Fogarty 'A grown adult man who owns an ice cream shop in Tennessee made my 10 year old autistic son cry because he wouldn't sell us ice cream because we wouldn't take our masks off. We have a rare disease, and our immune compromised.'

‘I don’t have words right now’: An ice cream shop reportedly turned away a disabled customer and her son when they refused to take off their masks

The ice cream shop has reportedly made anti-masking posts in the past.

On by Dan Latu

elderly woman on stage scoffing at an audience member

‘Who do you think you are?’: Patti LuPone blasts Karen audience member who wouldn’t put her mask up during Broadway show

‘After 2 years, it disgusts me that people still think they can disregard rules meant to prevent people from becoming ill and dying.’

On by Michelle Jaworski

Bernie Sanders Zoom meeting background

‘He got your back’: Woman enters HR meeting with old Zoom background of Bernie Sanders meme by mistake

‘I haven’t used my Zoom account since I graduated college.’

On by Elizabeth Rose

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