Snapchat’s baby filter has become a readymade celebrity meme

Move over, gender-bending Snapchat filters. The baby filter is taking over.

Snapchat is offering a filter that alters photos with a de-ageifying effect. Big eyes and eerily flawless skin override the real photo in a transformation that’s essentially airbrushing to jaw-dropping extremes. The fresh-faced and terrifyingly rosy-cheeked photos are sweeping across all social media platforms as users share their de-aged selves.

But while sharing selfies created with this baby filter is fun for a second, sharing photos of celebrities subjected to this creepy alteration is the kind of enduring content nightmares are made of.

Snapchat baby filter memes

Though it is reassuring to know that babies are capable of running local government.

And it’s great that these drag queens get a jumpstart on their future careers at a young age.

Canada’s favorite demon-fighting queer ladies must’ve been hit by a de-aging curse.

Of course, the filter doesn’t account for Rachel’s original nose…

These players might have some trouble reaching the hoop as little babies.

Beyond celebrity de-ageifying, many are taking advantage of this unnerving craze to combine one weird baby meme with another, keeping “I’m baby” alive.

We’re all babies now.


Rachel Kiley

Rachel Kiley

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