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Parsec Podcast: ‘The Last Jedi’ spoiler chat

A spoiler-filled chat about the most divisive ‘Star Wars’ movie to date.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Internet Culture

Rounding out our first year of the Parsec Podcast, we got together for a spoiler-filled chat about The Last Jedi.

Podcast host Gavia Baker-Whitelaw was joined by Parsec editor Sarah Weber and writer Michelle Jaworski to discuss what we loved (and hated!) about the new Star Wars movie, including the now-debunked fan theories, and whether our favorite characters got the treatment they deserved. In keeping with The Last Jedi‘s divisive nature, we had all got very different things out of this movie. Although we can all agree on one thing: Kelly Marie Tran is a delight. Listen below.

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