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‘One month left in the decade’ meme wants to know what you’ve accomplished

You still have time to get some stuff done this decade.


David Britton

Internet Culture

There’s still a month and a half left until 2020, but people already want to know what you’ve accomplished in the past 10 years. This time, though, the pressure isn’t coming from your parents or boss. This time it’s coming from Twitter, a force more insistent than any one person could ever be.

The meme took off after a man named Tony stated (more or less accurately), “there’s only ONE MONTH left in the decade.” He followed it up with a simple question: “what have you accomplished?”

Tony, of course, had his own answers ready to go.

For whatever reason, his tweet hit a nerve and everyone seemed excited to look back on the last 10 years of their lives.

Although a lot of people seem to be taking the question pretty seriously, it’s also generated a lot of sarcastic responses.

It’s natural to want to look back on your life at certain milestones, be it a birthday, graduation, or the end of a decade. If you haven’t accomplished everything you wanted, or expected to, in the 2010s, there’s no need to feel bad. There are 10 more years coming up starting in January. Maybe get some good naps in now so you’ll be ready this time.


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