Why the internet is obsessed with the Home Depot song

TikTok is an app known for its weird memes and trends. The latest one blowing up is all about hardware superstore Home Depot.

Users are dancing, vibing, and doing other hilarious, meme-able things to the Home Depot theme song. The hashtag #homedepot has more than 62 million video views on the app as of Wednesday.

Some videos have mashed the “me and the boys” and the “me and the homies” trend, too, where a bunch of people jokingly roll up at Home Depot with the jingle as their walk-in music.

Several TikToks are captioned with the company’s motto, “More savings. More doing.”

Other videos show users jamming to the theme song as if it were a top song on Spotify and even transforming it into a trap song.

The sudden obsession with the Home Depot doesn’t stop at TikTok. There is also a 10-hour loop of the theme song on YouTube to suit all meme-able needs.

According to Classic Rock Forums, it’s an original jingle composed for the 2013 “Curb Appeal” campaign. It is not to be confused with session musician Eric Blaszczak’s classic-era Home Depot jingle.

The hashtag #homedepot has been trending on TikTok for almost three weeks, according to the A.V. Club, and caught the media’s attention recently as New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz flagged various examples and Mel magazine published an explainer. No word yet on whether a Lowe’s jingle has sparked similar memes.


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Brianna Stone

Brianna Stone

Brianna Stone is a contributing reporter to the Daily Dot. Her work has been published by the Dallas Morning News, Austin American-Statesman, and USA Today.