Largely considered to be the largest social network behind Facebook, Twitter’s micro-blogging platform has become a favorite of everyone from top celebrities and sports figures to businessmen and teenagers hoping to become the next viral star. Twitter’s growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, leading the company to make sweeping changes to the network and associated features.

Is the Buttigieg campaign behind this pro-Pete Nigerian Twitter account?
Lis Smith has been accused of posing as a Nigerian man on Twitter to hype up Buttigieg.
Justin Bieber slid into the DMs of someone who hated his new album
Her boyfriend had the best response.
HQ Trivia host and co-founder in Twitter feud amid shutdown
'Don’t let him run your company!'
Victorian-era Valentine’s Day cards are surfacing online—and they’re super weird
These cards may have made the recipient cry, rather than blush.
People are shook to discover Columbine stans are a thing
'I just discovered the Columbine fandom and I… deadass don't know how to do respond.'
Jury foreperson in Roger Stone case accused of bias after tweets surface
President Donald Trump has since criticized the head juror on Twitter.
‘Mean Girls’ Broadway actress called out for following right-wing Twitter accounts
The actress set to portray Karen follows Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, among other right-wing accounts.
People can’t get enough of this running owl
Where exactly is this owl going?
Marianne Williamson wants to personally call a former fan who now supports Buttigieg
'If you have that person’s phone number I will call them myself.'
Who’s afraid of a Twitter bot?
Bots are everywhere.
Facebook, Twitter refuse to take down edited Pelosi video posted by Trump
In the video, Pelosi appears to be repeatedly ripping her copy of Trump’s speech.
How to keep your social media from being hacked
Here is how to protect your accounts
Axios somehow mixed up Bernie Sanders and ‘Ponzi scheme king’ Bernie Madoff
One is running for president. The other is serving 150 years in prison.
Vanessa Bryant impersonation account racks up 50K followers before suspension 
The account thanked fans for their prayers before being removed.
Twitter is fine with the Trump campaign calling Iowa ‘rigged’
Twitter said the tweet didn't violate it's policies, according to a report.
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