Largely considered to be the largest social network behind Facebook, Twitter’s micro-blogging platform has become a favorite of everyone from top celebrities and sports figures to businessmen and teenagers hoping to become the next viral star. Twitter’s growth has slowed somewhat in recent years, leading the company to make sweeping changes to the network and associated features.

Facebook can ignore misleading political ads. This Democrat wants to change that
Lawmaker says he'll dangle tech giant's liability shield.
‘The Thing About Men’ Twitter hashtag is full of sarcasm and misogyny
It seems that the hashtag's original intention was to praise men.
This trending Twitter hashtag is a lot less sexy than you think
In fact, it's trending in the food section on Twitter.
Gigi Hadid absolutely obliterates Jake Paul over Zayn Malik diss
'He doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies.'
Twitter suspends 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts
The accounts were posting identical messages.
Warren drafts contract to release women from NDAs with Bloomberg (updated)
She's continuing to put him on the spot.
K-Pop stans help push ‘Pooping for Kaitlin’ hashtag mocking Kent State gun girl
The movement references a viral rumor that Kaitlin Bennett once soiled herself at a party.
‘No one has the range’ for this meme
People are comparing actors who have 'range'. Obviously, Tatiana Maslany is on the list.
The ‘Naked Philanthropist’ and Kent State gun girl are beefing online
'I volunteer my white privilege for a good cause and that is to throw hands on Kaitlin Bennett.'
We have a lot of questions about this woman’s Hot Cheetos bath
Well, she answered at least one of them.
Popular dating app Growlr just suspended its users
'The Growlr Apocalypse is upon us.'
This Twitter extension can block unsolicited nudes from your inbox
On the receiving end of some unwelcome photos in your DMs?
Tweets from Sanders supporters are terrifying the establishment
Bloomberg, Klobuchar, Warren, and a culinary union set their sights on the front-runner's fans.
Is the Buttigieg campaign behind this pro-Pete Nigerian Twitter account?
Lis Smith has been accused of posing as a Nigerian man on Twitter to hype up Buttigieg.
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