how does mike wazowski cry


How does Mike Wazowski cry? 

'I wonder how Mike Wazowski cries.'


Elizabeth VanMetre

Internet Culture

Published Aug 10, 2019   Updated May 20, 2021, 6:46 am CDT

We know about Monster’s, Inc. star Mike Wazowski’s dedication to his job at the titular energy-producing factory. We know that Wazowski’s loyalty to his best friend and number one scarer, Sully, is unwavering. But what we don’t know is how exactly Wazowski cries. 

Honestly, the concept of the one-eyed monster crying probably wasn’t even on your radar until Twitter user @curledbitch put it there.

“i wonder how mike wazowski cries,” @curledbitch questioned, along with visuals showing two different ways Wazowski may cry. One of which, Wazowski cries with two tear streams. In the other visual, Wazowski cries with just one tear stream. 

Seems like a fair question considering he only has one eye. The Twitter-verse is split on the debate, with many adding their own graphics of how they think Wazowski cries to the mix.

We can’t confirm exactly how Wazowski cries, and as it turns out, there’s not much historical context to analyze in order to figure it out. Similar characters, like the cyclops in the Odyssey, were never recorded crying–as far as a quick Google search can confirm. 

On the other hand, Plankton from  SpongeBob SquarePants did cry. Similar to Wazowski he had only one eye, and his tears would sort of chaotically burst out of the sides of his eye.

Yet, one user is asking the real questions.

“But nobody asks WHY mike wazowski cries,” they wrote.


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*First Published: Aug 10, 2019, 10:51 am CDT