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You can finally change your PSN ID—and here’s how

The promised day has come.


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On a day when NASA announced it had captured the first photograph of a black hole, it turns out Sony had championed a similarly epic feat of science. For the first time ever, you can now change your PSN ID name. That may not seem like a big deal, but it’s long been one of the most requested updates in modern PlayStation history.

PlayStation announced via a blog that the change will go into effect immediately and will be available to all PS4 owners. Why is the new feature a big deal? Previously, PlayStation/Sony wouldn’t allow your PlayStation Network ID to change from its original submission. Considering a lot of PS4 users have probably been playing on PlayStation consoles since they were teenagers or younger, that means there are a lot of less-than-mature usernames floating out around there, and it can be a little embarrassing to tell your new friends that you’re “DongLord69.”

That said, there are some catches, so here’s everything you need to know to change your PSN ID and make the switch from “Xx_Fart_Shinobi_420xX” to something a little more (or less) appropriate.

how to change your psn id playstation network

How to change your PSN ID

You can change your PSN ID via your PS4 or your web browser.

How to change your PSN ID on PS4

From your PS4’s XMB (that’s the main menu where all your games and apps are listed), go to Settings, then select Account Management, then Account Information, then Profile, then Online ID. You can then enter a PSN ID name of your choice, assuming it hasn’t already been taken. Then just follow any remaining prompts.

How to change your PSN ID on a web browser

It’s a bit of a workaround, but still just as simple. First, make sure you’re logged into your PSN account by going here, then select PSN Profile in the menu. Then select the Edit button next to your name, enter in a valid PSN ID of your choice. Then just follow any additional prompts.

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Is changing your PSN ID free?

According to PlayStation, each user’s first time changing their name will be free. Any subsequent changes will cost users $9.99 a piece. However, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, later changes will only cost $4.99.

Where else can I change my PSN ID

You can’t change your PSN ID on PS3 or Vita, unfortunately. Only PS4 users are able.

How can friends find my new PSN ID?

PlayStation is allowing users to display their old usernames next to their new ones for 30 days after they make the change. PlayStation says this option is only available at the time you enter your new name and can’t be selected after.


Can you change back to your old ID?

PlayStation says yes, you can, but you’ll need to contact PlayStation Support to do it. Also, it can’t violate the company’s terms of service, so if you’ve got something really heinous, maybe just let it go.

what games work with psn id change

What games work with PSN ID changes?

So this is an odd one. PlayStation has identified a number of PS4 and PS3 games that actually don’t accept the PSN ID changes, for one reason or another. The rule here is that if the game was published after April 1, 2018, then it should work with the PSN ID change feature. If it was published before that date, don’t count on it working.

PlayStation gives an example: “A game that first launched back in 2013 that has since been re-mastered or re-sold as a ‘complete edition’ in 2018 does not apply.”

You can check out PlayStation’s full list of games with known issues here.

What issues could changing my PSN ID cause?

Quite a few, it turns out, so make absolutely sure you won’t lose anything valuable in the process. Here are some examples:

  • Your previous ID may still be visible to others in some games and other areas
  • You may lose save data on some games, including leaderboards and trophies
  • Game functions may not work properly between offline and online modes
  • You may lose access to digital add-ons like virtual currency or DLC

Thankfully, PlayStation says that should you run into any of these issues, reverting back to your old PSN ID should fix the issue.

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