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The best flat Earth memes to school the truthers out there

It's not, but is it?

Jan 27, 2021, 12:43 am*

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David Covucci

The idea of a flat Earth has been around since the world’s inception, with many ancient cultures believing that the world was shaped like a plane or disk. However, thanks to scientific breakthroughs, we ultimately learned that it was spherical, debunking the notion that the Earth was flat.

Still, there are some people on this planet that insist the Earth is Flat and thanks to the internet, the proliferation of this idea has become much easier. The reasons that people believe the Earth is flat vary, with the most recent argument surrounding the solar eclipse in August 2017. However that works.

But in honor of flat-Earthers, we’ve selected the 20 best flat Earth memes on the internet. From b.O.B.’s pro-flat Earth track “Flatline” to Super Mario 64 proving that this planet we inhabit is absolutely a flat plane, here are flat Earth memes that’ll hopefully have you have laughing, whether you believe in it or not.

20 best flat Earth memes

1) When Super Mario 64 is proof that the Earth is, in fact, flat

flat earth memes

2) When you wake up from a decades-long coma only to learn people believe the Earth is flat

flat earth memes

3) When a flat Earth stops Satan from controlling the world

flat earth theory

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4) When you’re an OG flat Earth believer

flat earth society

5) When Earth is the only flat planet in the solar system

flat earth memes

6) When you believe Earth is flat and you’re from Texas

flat earth theory

7) When you’re more concerned with how a flat Earth would put on its pants

flat earth memes


8) When the Earth isn’t just flat but fidget spinner flat

flat earth memes

9) When the Twitter update lowkey throws shade at flat Earth believers

flat earth twitter

10) When you a rapper that believes the Earth is flat

11) When cats provide the biggest argument against the Earth being flat

flat earth theory

12) When you’re neither a round Earth or flat Earth believer but a cubed Earth believer

flat earth memes

13) When you plan on launching yourself into the sky with a homemade rocket to prove the Earth is flat

flat earth memes

14) When the flat Earth society plays itself

the earth is flat


15) When you save people from intergalactic monsters and you don’t believe in a flat Earth

flat earth proof

16) When you the only one that believes in a flat Earth on the team and you have to defend yourself

flat earth memes

17) When you discover the Earth is actually flat but you can never tell anyone because you dead

flat earth memes

18) When you don’t believe in a flat Earth at all, like absolutely not, doesn’t exist

flat earth debunked

19) When you provide one of the hottest flat Earth takes ever that not even flat Earth believers can handle it

flat earth memes

20) When you think you’ve solved the flat Earth argument but really you didn’t and now the internet is roasting you for it


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*First Published: Dec 2, 2017, 6:00 am