The 20 weed memes every stoner should puff, puff, and pass on

Weed memes are arguably some of the best (or rather, dankest) memes online. There’s such a variety of weed memes that you can find one for just about every occasion, from GIFs featuring someone smoking multiple blunts to a meme perfectly encapsulating what it’s like to eat an edible.

So, what’re some of the best weed memes out there? Well, we’ve compiled the best so you can have them handy for your future pot-induced occasions. You wouldn’t want to mess up the rotation.  

20 funny weed memes for every type of stoner

1. When the kush is too strong

weed memes GIF via Imgur

2. When the marijuana leaves you looking like the ‘Walking Dead’s Glenn post-Lucille beating

weed memes Image via Miguel Rojas/Facebook

3. When you hotboxing the Mystery Machine and the weed is too dank

funny weed memes Image via Synapse Trap/Pinterest

4. When you suffering from severe cottonmouth

best weed memes Image via Imgur


5. When you and your friend get high in nature

weed memes Image via the Wolf Movement/Tumblr

6. When you so high you don’t remember where you going

funny weed memes Screenshot vis toptree/Instagram

7. When your friend invites you over to smoke

best weed memes Image via Lord Vaper Pens/Pinterest

8. When you’re high and in the wrong place

hilarious weed memes Screenshot via rellstilldarealest/Instagram

9. When you hit the joint and you’re reminded of why you love weed so much

best weed memes GIF via Trips Festival/Tumblr

10. When your friend takes their first dab

weed memes Screenshot via Cheech and Chong/Instagram



11. When you got the smoke tricks on point

weed memes GIF via Gifs and Things/Tumblr

12. When you care about weed more than anything else

weed memes GIF via Rebloggy

13. When your friend didn’t come smoke the blunt you made for them so now you’re smoking two blunts at the same damn time

weed memes GIF via Like a G 69/Tumblr

14. When the weed got you flying

weed memes GIF via deadarmy1986/Reddit

15. When you smoke weed every day

weed memes GIF via YouTube

16. When the weed was too strong but you trying to hold in your cough

weed memes Screenshot via Hood Shiet/Instagram

17. When your one and only true love is weed

weed memes Screenshot via itsalllov/Instagram

18. When the weed knocks you out in the middle of a freestyle

weed memes Image via Alexandru Stefan Ciocan/YouTube

19. When the edible got you in another plane of existence

weed memes Screenshot via skrtmemes/Instagram

20. When you try to out smoke a legend and embarrass yourself

weed memes Screenshot via ezaccesstv/YouTube

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

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