Tuesday memes are the only good part of the worst day of the week

The worst day, but maybe the best memes.

Oct 31, 2017, 3:30 pm*

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Elijah Watson 

Elijah Watson

tuesday memes : going up on a tuesday

Screengrab via YouTube

Tuesdays suck. They’re an awkward day that reminds you that you’re just beginning your week. At least with Monday, you know you’re starting the week off; Wednesday, you’re halfway there; and Thursday you’re almost near the end. (Friday is the MVP, as we all know.) But Tuesday is just there, a day where we try our best to enjoy it through means such as tacos, tequila, vodka, and other things.

Usually, we fail. But we can still try and laugh our way through.

Here are the 20 best Tuesday memes

1) When you go to Ruby Tuesdays for the endless fries with bae but you see your sugar daddy

tuesday memes Image via SuperVillain909/Instagram

2) When Tuesday is almost over but you still have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday left

tuesday memes Image via MyMathsBook/Facebook

3) When you celebrate that annual pancake Tuesday at IHOP

tuesday memes Screengrab via Sports Memes/Facebook

4) When you return to work on Tuesday after a long weekend of getting lit

tuesday memes Image via Imgur

5) When you look at that Tuesday eclipse but know the disability check is gonna be worth it

tuesday memes Image via rodwyla/Instagram


6) When you’re doing tequila Tuesday all by yourself

tuesday memes Image via girlsthinkimfunny/Instagram

7) When you sneak under your desk to participate in vodka Tuesdays

tuesday memes Image via _taxo_/Instagram

8) When cake, cigarettes, and alcohol are the only things that can cure you of a terrible Tuesday

tuesday memes Image via Unofficially Overattached Girlfriend/Facebook

9) When it’s only Tuesday but you’ve already run out of chill for the rest of the week



10) When Tuesday has no feel and is the absolute worst

tuesday memes Image via Seinfeld Caps/Instagram

11) When you were late to school Tuesday because you saw Bruce Springsteen the night before

tuesday memes Image via WRGB/Facebook

12) When you have Tuesday off but everybody else you know is working

tuesday memes Screengrab via Nurses of Instagram


13) When the club is going up…on a Tuesday


14) When your Tuesday mood is miserable AF

tuesday memes Image via tutarucka/Instagram

15) When that transformation Tuesday goes wrong. Really, really wrong

tuesday memes Image via daquan/Instagram

16) When Taco Tuesday and weed is how you celebrate your night

tuesday memes Image via Weed Humor/Instagram

17) When you out here doing shots on a Tuesday even though you have work early tomorrow


18) When it’s Tuesday but your patience is gone AF

tuesday memes Image via saracasm_only/Instagram

19) When someone has the audacity to remind you that it’s a Tuesday

tuesday memes Image via BuzzFeed/Instagram

20) When you think it’s the end of the week but it’s a Tuesday

tuesday memes Image via 30 Rock/Twitter

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*First Published: Oct 24, 2017, 6:00 am