The 20 relationship memes for when you’re head over heels in love

Relationships. We’re used to describing them in a number of ways with words, but wouldn’t it be so much easier to describe them using pictures and GIFs?

Heck yea, because words are way too much work when it comes to talking about love. What are you, Shakespeare? Nope. No you are not. And we get that. So there are no sonnets here—just some memes that perfectly capture what it’s like to be in love. Pull your significant other close and read on.

The best relationship memes on the internet

1) When he think he’s going out but you had other plans

relationship memes for her : beyonce Image via Pinhumor

2) When they have a valid point for once and it catches you off guard

relationship memes Image via Queen Irrelevant/Instagram

3) When you’ve been together for years but still wild AF

relationship goals memes Image via _thequeenofeverything/Instagram

4) When they respond with “k” and you’re trying to figure out what you did wrong

relationship meme Image via 9Gag

5) When you have to attend relationship therapy because your partner is addicted to memes

relationship memes for her Image via Mo_wad/Instagram

6) When you just need bae to see the greatness that is you

in a relationship meme Image via Kardashian Memes/Facebook


7) When their weird habits kind of used to freak you out but now it’s whatever

relationship memes Image via Kellie_and_Pete/Instagram

8) When you ain’t heard back from bae but it’s OK because you’re trusting and supportive

relationship memes Image via Funny Tweets/Facebook

9) When you ain’t heard back from bae and it’s not OK at all whatsoever

relationship memes for her Image via Hood Clips/Instagram

10) When they hit you with that real text out of nowhere

funny relationship memes Image via DukeOfZamunda/Twitter

11) When you waiting for the “sorry” even though they have no idea why they should be saying sorry

relationship memes Image via Sincerely Tumblr/Twitter

12) When you wanna save couples from having a terrible breakup at IKEA

relationship memes Image via Obvious Plant/Instagram



13) When you learn the truth about how trash your ex-boyfriend was and become a viral sensation at the same time

relationship memes Image via SCENE/Twitter

14) When y’all shower together and they put it all the way on scorching hot

relationship memes Image via jude_devir/Instagram

15) When y’all said you were gonna watch one episode but ended up binge-watching the entire series

relationship memes Image via Hilarious Hookups From Outer Space


16) When you want to be mad at bae but can’t when you look at them

17) When you in a healthy relationship and are also queer and horror movie badasses

relationship memes Image via kumivenarts/Twitter

18) When you grab some of bae’s fries after they asked you if you wanted your own

funny relationship memes Image via No Chill Posts/Twitter

19) When he tells you to chill

20) When you mouth all the words to “Bodak Yellow” to bae’s face and they better not do a damn thing about it

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. 

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

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