These birthday memes are more lit than your cake

Birthdays. They’re a celebration of us coming into this strange yet beautiful world and inhabiting it for as long as we can. From having themed parties as children to living long enough to be 100 and cut a step to Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic,” the way we celebrate our birthdays vary, but they all speak to the joy of having a special day with people you care about. So blow out the candles and make a wish with these birthday memes.

The best birthday memes

1. When your friend got you a stripper who also plays clarinet for your birthday

birthday memes Screengrab via Cheap Undies YouTube

2. When you say you don’t wanna make your birthday all about you but in reality you do

birthday memes Image via Imgur

3. When the baker obviously didn’t care about your birthday

birthday memes Image via Imgur

4. When you want a cake that’s more of a pizza than an actual cake

birthday memes Image via will_enttv/Instagram

5. When your parents could care less about your birthday

birthday memes Image via yourshittybirthday/Instagram

6. When bae is looking past that Dollar Menu at the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese since it’s their birthday

birthday memes Image via Social Anxiety Disorder Memes/Facebook

7. When you lied about it being your birthday but the restaurant stills brings you out free dessert

birthday memes Image via Extendo/Instagram


8. When everyone thinks your birthday wish is to have another birthday but really it’s the exact opposite

birthday memes Image via Imgur

9. When it’s your sixth birthday and you have a Drake-themed party

10. When you a horse and it’s your birthday

11. When you get an ice sculpture of your ass for your birthday

birthday memes Image via kyliesnapchat/Instagram

12. When you’re about to tell someone “Happy Birthday,” but you can’t remember if they told you “Happy Birthday”

birthday memes Image via BuzzFeed/Instagram

13. When you’ve got to encourage everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” for your bae

birthday memes Image via New York Daily News/Twitter

14. When you’re an elephant celebrating your birthday and you’re lit off the hay

birthday memes Image via Humans of Tumblr


16. When your mom gets you a cake to remind you of that time you were really hungover

birthday memes Image via LadBible/Facebook

17. When you’re a hamster and you only celebrate your birthday with the finest of pasta

birthday memes Image via 9gag

18. When you’re about to turn 30 but you still feel like you’re 20

birthday memes Image via Betches/Instagram

19. When your family no longer gives you money for your birthday but you need it now more than ever

birthday memes Image via Memes/Instagram

20. When your Grandma is 100 years old and can still beat you in a dance-off

21. When the internet bands together to wish your terminally ill 92-year-old Grandma a happy birthday

birthday memes Image via Reddit

Read that wonderful tale here. Happy Birthday, everybody.

Elijah Watson

Elijah Watson

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