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These memes are hot and hilarious.

This article contains sexually explicit content. 

Sex memes. They’re all across the internet. There’s a meme that exists for anything and everything related to doing it. Anal? Absolutely. Blowjobs? Duh. Threesomes? For sure. There are even memes making fun of masturbation, some of which are so relatable that it’s somewhat comforting to know other people watch porn for the plot as well. Totally. Just be sure not to scroll through any of these at work.

25 funny sex memes

1. When you got the lube handy just in case

sex memes GIF via Photobucket

2. When he’s gotten used to getting pegged

freaky sex memes GIF via Comedy Central

3. When your dick pics lack innovation

sex meme Image via Instagram/Hood Comedy

4. When you’re hesitant to eat the booty

sex position memes Image via 9gag

5. When you fighting against your most deadly sexual desires

funny sex memes Image via sir_drillzalot/Instagram

6. When you have a collection of sex toys to choose from

funny sex meme Image via Your Tango/Pinterest

7. When you’re about to masturbate but the plot is Christopher Nolan levels of good

funny sex memes Image via Imgur

8. When they say they wanna Netflix and chill but they don’t have a TV or laptop or mobile device with the app

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9. When you’re ready to cuddle after sex but she already called you an Uber

sex memes Image via nochill/Instagram



1o. When you aren’t getting as much attention in the threesome as the other person

sex memes Image via Memedroid

11. When you decide to add a little bit of roleplay into the mix

funny sex memes Image via Welcome to the Internet/Facebook

12. When they found that special spot and you can no longer hold back

sex memes Image via memelif3

13. When you queef but they’re more turned on by it than anything else

funny sex memes Image via romes1506/Instagram

14. When you ‘re going down but hear that FX edit of ’22 Jump Street’ on TV

memes about sex Image via Supervillain909/Instagram

15. When you just had sex and need to tell everybody

memes about sex Screenshot via Lonely Planet/YouTube


16. When you like an element of danger in your sexual positions

sex position memes Image via thecindypham/Twitter

17. When they think you’re innocent but really you into BDSM

freaky sex memes Image via besthoodhumor/Instagram

18. When you trying not to move while waiting for them to bring a rag

sex memes Image via Randie Krebs/Pinterest

19. When they agree to anal for the first time

20. When they say “you don’t have a condom? Oh well…”

funny sex memes Image via CaveSpongeGar/Twitter

21. When he gets you to nut

sex memes Image via Teh Eldar Screllz V: Skirem/Facebook

22. When you’re not quick enough on telling them where they can cum at

sex memes Image via Imgrum

23. When you down to have sex anywhere and everywhere

right in front of my salad? GIF via boymercuryX/Tumblr

24. When you trying to keep your back arched but the strokes are A-1

sex memes Image via Sooooo................ You Mad!/Facebook

25. When you want to experiment with your blowjob technique

sex memes Screenshot via Angel GrapefruitLady/YouTube

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