Dope mom turns 6-year-old daughter’s birthday into a Drake-themed party

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Drake birthday party

Photo via @abbykillz/Twitter

Turn my birthday into a lifestyle.

If you’re reading this it’s too late: You already missed the best Drake-themed birthday party. 

Alexis Gomez turned her daughter Leah’s sixth birthday into a lifestyle. The bash had Drizzy balloons, postcards, and enough stacks of paper to make it rain. Gomez, of San Antonio, Texas, told Mashable that Leah’s been listening to Drake since she was in “her momma’s womb.” 

No word yet on whether the party has caught the attention of Drake yet. He just released his short film, Please Forgive Me, on Apple Music this week. 

But then again, as Drake raps in one of his best verses, “While all of my closest friends out partying, I’m just here making all the music that they party to.”

Gomez is clearly holding out hope: 

H/T Mashable

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