TikTok girls dancing to voicemails from sh*tty exes is a vibe
People on TikTok are subtly calling out abusive behavior.

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Gradient is the new celebrity look-alike app winning over influencers
Gradient is taking social media by storm. But is there more to this app than meets the eye?
Firework is a social video app with a literal twist
The app is gaining attention for its unique video technology that allows users to film horizontally and vertically at the same time. 
Slow iPhone got you down? Here’s how to speed it back up
When your iPhone starts to slow to a crawl, you can get it back to normal with these simple tricks and apps.
Don’t fall victim to app overload: How to uninstall iPhone apps
Too many apps overloading your mobile phone? Here's how you can uninstall some of them to improve performance and free up space on your device.
Still not entirely sure what VSCO is? We can help
You know the VSCO girl meme, now meet the app where she was born.
The new Apple Maps refresh is rolling out for more users
Apple Map is finally getting better. Can it compete with Google Maps?
Mario Kart Tour is handheld racing fun—with a few quirks
New controls take some getting used to, but Mario Kart Tour has a lot to offer to old and new players alike.
5 ways to make your Bumble profile buzz-worthy
Here are the best ways to make your Bumble profile pop.
Duolingo deletes anti-immigrant Spanish phrases after viral callout
The phrases, 'He has to be detained right now' and 'Are they legal?' popped up on the language-learning app.
Facebook is experimenting with apps targeting teens
The social media giant wants to compete with TikTok and Snapchat.
If you love long-winded, hashtag-heavy Instagram captions, these apps can help
Sick of manually creating Instagram line breaks? Try these.
What is the Hinge dating app, and how does it work?
Here's everything you need to know about how Hinge measures up.
iPhone overloaded? Here’s how to cancel app subscriptions
We all suffer from app overload. Here's how to curb the problem.
Gun control proposal: Trump, lawmakers considering background check-conducting app 
The app would be connected to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.
Apple promotes Natural Cycles birth control app despite failures
It’s advertised as only 93% effective with ‘typical use.’
Neo-Nazis are using Telegram to incite terrorism—and it’s worse than you think
The messaging app is home to the internet’s most hardcore white supremacist communities.
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