Why dark mode is the best app of the year
The app of 2019 is not one app, but so many apps; it’s not even technically an app.
Facebook quietly launched a meme generator app called Whale
Will Whale make it out of Canada?
The best apps and gadgets for cooking the perfect Thanksgiving feast
Whether it's a Butterball or Norbest, we've got you covered.
Get more out of VSCO with VSCO search
Need some help curating your VSCO feed? Try VSCO search.
Planned Parenthood tool to show abortion-seeking users their nearest options
The directory is intended to help users find safe and legal options.
Facebook bug opened iPhone cameras while users scrolled their feeds (Updated)
The issue appears to be an unintentional glitch, but many users feel they can't trust Facebook.
Soldiers with top-secret clearance say they were ordered to install a sketchy app
The app not only has the ability to obtain a user's GPS location data but also their photos and contacts.
Bored of Helvetica? iOS users finally have some new font options
Curious about iOS 13's custom font capability? Here's the lowdown on what it currently can and cannot do.
Meet ByteDance, the Chinese tech company behind TikTok
A brief look at the Chinese conglomerate behind the popular platform.
Everything you need to know about investing app Robinhood
When Robinhood first launched in 2013, it completely changed the game.
Registered sex offender was allegedly DMing teen girls on Bible app
He was arrested after a local woman got suspicious.
Robinhood bug allowed users to invest, and lose, huge sums of money
It's unthinkable that a broker would allow a user to borrow almost hundreds of times their original deposit. But that's precisely what happened thanks to the bug.
How to translate your Facebook into another language
Prefer to have Facebook appear in a completely different language? We have a guide that'll help you translate the site through the Web and its mobile apps.
Everything you need to know about VSCO filter codes
Personally, I like -3, +4, -1.
TikTok releases safety videos
The app wants users to be proactive about harassment.
A handy guide to deciding which VSCO filter your photo needs
Don't know the difference between N1 and P5? We've got you covered.
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