It’s impossible to truly capture golden hour, but these tools can help you try
Everything looks good at golden hour. Here's how to get that good light.
Augmented reality app lets you sample BDSM gear straight from home
Figure out if your new kink cage will fit in the living room.
Luminary’s podcast experiment continues after controversial launch
After a controversial launch in April, podcast network Luminary has yet to make waves. But its presence may be good for the industry regardless.
The 5 best free iOS apps for creating Instagram text posts
Food porn is great and all, but give words a chance.
Beer me: The best apps to celebrate International Beer Day
Whether you prefer to venture out to a brewery or drink in solitude, the app market has enough options to fill a keg. 
Dilbert creator plugs his app in wake of Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting
Why did he plug his app after a mass shooting?
DoorDash’s quest for convenience comes at a cost
For food delivery apps, reports of withholding tips and domain squatting are just the tip of a very nefarious iceberg.
Schumer calls on FBI, FTC to investigate FaceApp
Viral app raises privacy concerns.
Should you be concerned about your privacy on FaceApp?
If you're worried about FaceApp, you should definitely be worried about Snapchat.
The FaceApp challenge shows you how gracefully you’ll age
The app returns to prominence after several major missteps.
Facebook admits many of its experimental apps will probably fail
'Many of the products we create will start small and may not resonate with everyone.'
HQ Trivia being accused of not paying its winners
A six-time 'Jeopardy' winner says he's owed $20,000.
Here’s why MoviePass is down
It could take 'several weeks' before service returns.
How to add text on TikTok
Sure, TikTok videos are great, but there's something to be said for the written word.
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