Sharon Stone shines in genre-bending murder mystery ‘Mosaic’
HBO's latest prestige thriller? There's an app for that.
Amazon’s checkout-free convenience store ‘Amazon Go’ is finally opening
The checkout line could be automated out of existence.
This men’s health app keeps track of your ‘boner streaks’
There is now an app for literally everything.
Apple approves controversial net neutrality app after initially rejecting it
Wehe tells you when a mobile carrier is intentionally slowing services.
Rock a drum solo right on your phone with this smart kit
Now you can practice wherever, whenever.
This new Google app lets you find your Renaissance art doppelgänger
Find your doppelganger, hanging in a museum.
Apple Health data used as evidence in murder trial
Apple Health stats corroborated investigators' suspicions.
Build the next big app with this iOS 11 developer course
All you need to become the next Lord of the App Store.
Iran shuts down Telegram, Instagram apps in middle of anti-government protests
More than half of the country's population reportedly uses Telegram.
Edward Snowden’s app turns your spare phone into a security monitor
The app is currently only available for Android devices.
New Jersey town shuts down its roads because of navigation apps
These smartphone services are causing 'crisis proportion' traffic.
Taylor Swift’s new app is a breeding ground for Trump supporters
'The Swift Life' launched on Friday, and it's already turned ugly.
We tried the Dalai Lama’s new app and did not reach spiritual enlightenment
The Dalai Lama app is perfect for the Buddhist monk on the go.
Apple Maps now offers indoor mapping for select airports, malls
The future of mapping has arrived.
How to use Google’s cool new photo apps: Storyboard, Scrubbies, and Selfissimo!
Google debuted a trio of experimental photography apps.
The new YouTube VR app is not getting great reviews
This app still needs plenty of work.
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