Georgia cops used coin toss app to decide if they should arrest a woman
They landed on release, but arrested her anyway.
Do apps and glasses that filter blue light actually work?
From screen dimmers to glasses, this industry might be banking on unproven science.
How to start using IGTV, Instagram’s long-form video app
IGTV will let creators share videos up to 60 minutes long.
How to use Google Voice, a free phone service with killer features
There are still compelling reasons to use the aging call service.
How to share a Google Calendar with friends, family, and coworkers
Sharing a calendar gives guests real-time visibility of your schedule.
How to do a reverse phone number lookup without paying a dime
Don't get scammed by paying sketchy services.
These free apps will help you identify that song stuck in your head
Some services let you sing, whistle, or hum the tune.
Google’s Lens app is now available for most Android users
The Lens app uses image recognition for the world around you.
Turkey is kicking Uber out of the country
Turkey could be joining six countries around the world that have banned Uber.
Instagram reveals how its algorithm works
Instagram proclaims it's customizing your feed to meet your needs.
How to get started using Venmo
Here's everything you've ever wondered about the payment app Venmo.
Is Wav, the app Kanye endorsed, actually legit?
What we know about the startup that unveiled the year's hottest album.
Kanye’s new album debuts on a weird app
Here's what we know about 'Ye.'
Is Venmo safe to use?
Venmo is popular, but you can still get scammed.
How to master Google Photos and backup all your photos
Here's how to manage your images and create photo albums, collages, movies, and animations.
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