Astrology app Co-Star’s bizarre push notifications are now a meme
If these alerts sound like a computer wrote them, you're not wrong.
How to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat
Sometimes that Snapchat friend of yours decides it's time to part ways.
How to get started with WhatsApp on desktop
Start messaging from the comfort of your PC or Mac in minutes.
Everything you need to know about WhatsApp
From its cost to its features, here's what you need to know.
China’s wildly popular propaganda app is quizzing and tracking citizens
'Mom is already approaching  50, her eyes aren’t so good anymore...'
Report: Facebook collects app data on users’ body weight, menstrual cycles
The company's been grabbing highly personal information.
Nobody likes Spotify’s new update
The 'Repeat' and 'Go to queue' buttons now live in a sub-menu.
Companies skirt Apple rules to spread porn and gambling apps
Dozens of apps reportedly violate guidelines.
Tokimeki Unfollow is an app for decluttering your overwhelming Twitter feed
Seeing tweets that don’t spark joy? Give them the Marie Kondo treatment.
These popular iPhone apps have been recording your screen without permission
These companies were secretly viewing your screen.
E.U. citizens need an Android to use British government’s Brexit app
#SettledStatusBorrowMyAndroid is trending online.
New Click to Pray app lets you pray with Pope Francis
Twitter users have mixed feelings.
Parents, teachers cry foul over Verizon fee hike for popular education app
Company claims it’s cracking down on spam, critics say it’s prioritizing profits over people.
These apps rate businesses based on size, gender, disability, and POC accessibility
Ample and AllGo want you to feel comfortable when you shop and eat out.
Grindr reportedly did little to stop a man from sending 1,000 dates to his ex’s home
The 'dates' often came looking for violent sex and drugs.
Bumble users can now filter men by their zodiac sign
'goodbye ARIES, hello HAPPINESS.'
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