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‘If this is an ad, it’s a very effective one’: McDonald’s app user says she checks it every morning and it’s become her social media

'I just don't understand how people go to McDonald's and don't use the app.'


Phil West


Posted on Apr 11, 2023

A TikToker claims that her McDonald’s app has become her new favorite social media app, encouraging other people to use it.

The video comes from creator @corashircel, pulling more than 545,000 views on the platform since going up this past Thursday.

“Something that I’m not afraid to admit is that I use the McDonald’s app as a social media platform,” she says by way of introduction. “Like I wake up and I check that shit.”

@corashircel the people who get it get it 🍔🍟 #mcdonalds #thepeoplewhogetitgetit #fastfood ♬ original sound – Cora Shircel

She continues, “Like the daily deals, you know that I’m getting that. Today it was a free cheeseburger and I devoured it. Like, I just don’t understand how people go to McDonald’s and don’t use the app. It’s actually sin and you should go to jail for that.”

The video is accompanied by a caption reading, “The people who get it get it,” hinting at another layer.

But plenty were ready to embrace a pro-McDonald’s message.

“IDK how much a large fry is cuz i be getting it for a dollaaaaa,” gloated one, echoing the fast food chain’s campaign about large fry orders only costing $1 via the app.

That did lead a commenter to respond, however, “They took this away from mine.”

Another, revealing a serious level of dedication, noted, “Bout to use some of my 32k points right now.”

“I haven’t paid for a coffee in a year,” boasted another, explaining, “Points baby.”

Yet another advised, “The deals are amazing, the points are meaningless really. Get the deals people.”

Opinions flourished throughout the comments section.

One simply said, “It’s an amazing app.”

Someone else countered that, observing, “They ruined my life when they removed the nugget meals from the deals.”

It also led to others touting other fast food apps, including a Dairy Queen-centric account noting, “DQ mobile app has 0.85 blizzards for the next 2 weeks you’re welcome” — leading the creator to say she’d be “going ASAP.”

At least one person thought the creator made an effective TikTok spokesperson for McD’s, perhaps to add to its existing TikTok account.

That commenter told the creator, “They need to sponsor you asap!” and then directed a message at McDonald’s, saying, “Don’t fumble the bag! Come get your new spokeswoman!”

One person already thought it was already the work of a spokesperson, observing, “If this is an ad, it’s a very effective one.”

And someone else helped make that case, noting, “This just influenced me to get the McDonald’s app.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator and McDonald’s for comment.

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*First Published: Apr 11, 2023, 10:13 pm CDT