Woman says Rover worker lost her dog, company is being unhelpful

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‘She probably sold your dog’: Woman says Rover worker lost her dog, company is being unhelpful

‘I’m completely on my own in this.’


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Mar 11, 2024   Updated on Mar 11, 2024, 4:56 pm CDT

A Dallas-based woman went viral on TikTok after explaining how an overnight Rover she booked ended up losing her dog. 

In a series of storytime posts, users @ultraeira told viewers how a woman named “Tracy” lost her dog, Peppa, and then disappeared when it came time to find her. As of Monday afternoon, @ultraeira’s three videos had a combined 1.2 million views. 

“who the [expletive] did i board my dog with on rover?” the content creator asked via text overlay.

@ultraeira, a dancer, said she booked six nights with Tracy from late February to early March. The at-home sitter, she said, claimed to have over 30 years of experience, in addition to being a former trainer. @ultraeira then showed viewers a snapshot of a text conversation she had with Tracy before booking. In the screenshots, viewers see that the content creator expressed worry about her dog escaping, but that Tracy assuaged her concerns. 

On Feb. 28, hours after picking up Peppa, however, Tracy apparently lost her. 

“I flew to Florida that night, landing at 9p.m. Around 9:40p.m., I texted Tracy to check in,” @ultraeira said. “She replied at 10:39p.m. saying Peppa got out of her house” earlier that afternoon.

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Tracy assured @ultraeira that Peppa was still in a fenced-in area of her home, but that the dog was “difficult” to catch. The next morning, however, Tracy changed her tune and informed the dancer that her dog likely escaped. 

“At this point, I decided to get on the earlier flight back home to go look for my dog,” @ultraeira said. But after arriving at Tracy’s home, she said she quickly figured out that the woman was running an elaborate ruse through Rover.

“Tracy’s place looked nothing like the pictures,” @ultraeira said. “There were more than 15 dogs, some in makeshift kennels… The fence was easily escapable.” Tracy also refused to pay for fliers to help find Peppa because she said it would cost her $77.

After searching for “over 12 hours,” @ultraeira said she returned the following day with a trained K-9 dog to help find Peppa. That’s when Tracy became upset and lashed out at the dancer for being on her property. 

“[Tracy] was already screaming,” @ultraeira said in a second video, posted on Sunday. Tracy also called the dancer a “psychotic [explicative.]” Twelve days later, @ultraeira said she still had no luck finding Peppa. 

@ultraeira Here is part 2 of my story . Im posting this is real time. Peppa is still missing , and i still need answers!!! #findmydog #fyp #part2 #helpme #missing ♬ original sound – ultraeira

“This lady completely lied about everything and now my dog has been missing,” @ultraeira said in a third post. “[Tracy] has since abandoned me. I haven’t heard from Rover in a few days. I haven’t heard from this lady. I’m completely on my own in this.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @ultraeira via TikTok comment and to Rover by email. As of publication, it was unclear whether the dancer found her pooch and if the pet sitting company had remained unhelpful. 

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In the comments, some viewers offered guesses regarding Peppa’s fate. 

“she sold your dog i’m so sorry post pics of your dog,” one user offered.

“She probably sold your dog,” another echoed.

“POST PICS OF THE DOG HERE ON TIK TOK!! I wonder if she sold it,” a third person asked.

Others encouraged @ultraeira to take matters into her own hands by hiring lawyers and to sue both Rover and Tracy. 

“Sue Rover … and press criminal charges against both of them,” one user wrote. 

“SUE Rover and the woman,” another said. “My heart breaks for you.”

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*First Published: Mar 11, 2024, 6:00 pm CDT