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Customer shares how they ‘scored a plate of Panda Express for only $4’

'My app doesn’t look like this.'


Phil West


Posted on Mar 18, 2023

A TikToker specializing in couponing content claimed that she “scored a plate of a Panda Express for only $4” in the Chinese food chain’s app, though some commenters are making it seem like this is a very “your mileage may vary” prospect.

The content comes from creator Hooyo Deals, showing visitors various ways to save money on the channel. This particular video was posted Feb. 24 and has attracted more than 119,000 views in that time.

@hooyo_deals Dinner Idea 😋 #couponingfromyourphone #couponcommunity #pandaexpress #pandaexpressorangechicken #dinnerideastiktok ♬ original sound – Hooyo Deals🧕🏾

After the creator intros the video with news of the $4 deal, it gets into their story a little more deeply. They were using the app to order food, and when they were trying to order their food for pick-up, they claimed an invite for a Panda Express rewards program appeared on their screen.

As the creator is prone to find such deals out in the world, they signed up, and then saw what they called “an interesting offer”: an entree plus two sides for just $4. The creator also notes, “My sister signed up too; she got a bowl for $3,” with a screengrab showing the normal $8 price plus a $5 “welcome” discount.

The creator adds a fun fact to close out the video—though walnut shrimp is an extra $1.50 to order, the creator was able to get it as part of the $4 meal without an upcharge.

Commenters shared their own experiences with the Panda Express app, which ranges from different types of savings to no savings at all.

One commenter testified, “I got a BOGO for plates! My son and I ordered exactly what you got and we paid $11.xx!!!”

Another shared, “Wow, food was delicious,” adding, “Called all 4 of my siblings for $1 for this amazing food.”

But others didn’t see the same results.

“This is only at select locations,” a commenter asserted. “They are testing it now.”

Another complained, “Man I can’t find anything like this on the app,” asking where the creator lived. (The creator calls Minnesota home.)

But the video also attracted someone claiming to be a Panda Express employee, who noted, “I work at a Panda Express, and at my location, they give you tons more coupons when you sign up.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Panda Express via website form.

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*First Published: Mar 18, 2023, 10:26 am CDT