Chipotle customer can’t add extra rice on the app. So, she changes her name to ‘Extra Rice Please’

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‘I do this for my husband’: Chipotle customer can’t add extra rice on the app. So, she changes her name to ‘Extra Rice Please’

‘If you say please we’d do it.’


Vladimir Supica


Posted on Jun 24, 2023

Ever found yourself craving a quick bite but were frustrated by the lack of customization options on a food-ordering app?

One creative Chipotle customer discovered a clever workaround to customize her order

On June 23, TikToker user @superkrissy3 posted a TikTok video with the description, “Need extra rice on your Chipotle mobile order?” — showcasing how to do just that.

@superkrissy3 Need extra rice on your Chipotle mobile order? #chipotle #hack #superkrissy3 ♬ original sound – Noah

The video, just five seconds long, is accompanied by overlay text reading, “When you can’t add extra rice for a kids meal on the Chipotle app … You change your name to ‘extra rice please’.” 

The footage shows the TikToker’s Chipotle order, with the name “Extra Rice Please” prominently displayed on the order sticker. The TikToker then shows the order revealing that the request for extra rice was indeed fulfilled.

After quickly going viral, the video accumulated over 201,600 views.

One user commented, “I do this for my husband he wants his salsa on the side but you can’t do it that way on the app. They listen too!”

Another user shared their own success story, saying, “Before they had quesadillas, I changed my name to ‘please make quesadilla / imverypregnant’ I was. It worked.”

Yet another user revealed, “My dad changed his name to Oatmilk Don so his local Starbucks would always use oatmilk for his drinks,” indicating that the name hack is not limited to Chipotle.

“I’m a Starbucks barista and people do this all the time,” someone else confirmed, providing “Pete 1/2caf or karen steamedcream” as examples.

A commenter claiming to be a Chipotle worker hinted there’s an easier way to get extra rice, however — claiming, “if you say please we’d do it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @superkrissy3 via a TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Jun 24, 2023, 5:43 pm CDT