lizzo (left) and jack black (right) in the mandalorian season 3

Yes, that’s Lizzo in ‘The Mandalorian’

‘Lizzo manifested herself in star wars.’

On by Michelle Jaworski

four jedi holding their lightsabers during a scene in the mandalorian season 3

Fans react to Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best appearing in ‘The Mandalorian’

‘You love to see it.’

On by Michelle Jaworski

din djarin (left) and grogu (right) in the mandalorian

‘The Mandalorian’ season 3 brings it back to basics

Din Djarin and Grogu have a new quest.

On by Michelle Jaworski

Cara Dune in The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6

‘The Mandalorian’ finally explains what happened to Cara Dune after Gina Carano’s firing

She probably won’t be missed.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

grogu (front) and din djarin (back) in the mandalorian season 3

‘The Mandalorian’ season 3’s promotion efforts tap into a schism about Star Wars storytelling

Grogu’s back, but which show did you learn that from?

On by Michelle Jaworski

lucy lawless

Lucy Lawless says she lost a ‘Star Wars’ role due to Gina Carano’s ‘Mandalorian’ backlash

Lawless says she was seen as too ‘political’ due to a fan campaign to cast her as Cara Dune.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Pedro Pascal at attends the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiere

Conservatives are now trying to get Pedro Pascal fired for Holocaust comparison

Donald Trump Jr. even suggested the decision to fire Gina Carano but not Pascal is ‘sexist.’

On by Eilish O’Sullivan

gina carano mandalorian

Gina Carano fired from ‘The Mandalorian’ after anti-Semitic Instagram post

Her conservative fans caused #CancelDisneyPlus to trend in response.

On by Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

lucasfilm pablo hidalgo star wars

Lucasfilm exec locks down after tweet about ‘Star Wars’ fan’s ’emotions’

‘Emotions are not for sharing’ got the ‘Star Wars’ fandom emotional.

On by Audra Schroeder

Photo of The Mandalorian taking off his mask to say goodbye to Baby Yoda, aka Grogu.

How culture clashes turned ‘The Mandalorian’ into a diaspora story

There is more than one Way.

On by Angeline Rodriguez

luke skywalker deepfake the mandalorian

A new deepfake attempts to improve that ‘Mandalorian’ cameo

It’s uncanny.

On by Michelle Jaworski

din djarin and boba fett in mandalorian armor

Lucasfilm confirms ‘Mandalorian’ season 2 end tag is a new ‘Star Wars’ spinoff

Boba Fett will have another adventure.

On by Michelle Jaworski

boba fett in the mandalorian

‘The Mandalorian’ drops its biggest cameo yet

You’d know that character anywhere.

On by Michelle Jaworski

mother holding up little girl to place grogu on top of the christmas tree

Baby Yoda is the newest Christmas tree topper

There’s a new tree topper in town.

On by Michelle Jaworski

the mandalorian the believer

‘The Mandalorian’ zooms beyond the grand fight we’re used to seeing play out

Din Djarin takes a few drastic steps to get his son back.

On by Michelle Jaworski

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