Bernie Sanders at the Capitol and tweets about 'shirts'

Bernie Sanders moves from mittens to shirts—and the memes follow

A photo of the U.S. senator has once again become a meme on social media.

On Feb 23, 2021 by Mikael Thalen

don't be racist shirt review

Man was so offended by server’s ‘don’t be racist’ shirt that he left a negative review for restaurant

He was roasted into deleting the review.

On Jun 20, 2020 by Stacy Fernandez

Zhaomaster free college T-shirts

Watch how this teenage YouTuber scored hundreds and hundreds of free college T-shirts

All he needed was a good idea. And a little bit of code.

On May 19, 2018 by Bryan Rolli

A T-shirt was taken down from after a complaint.

Walmart pulls ‘Rope. Tree. Journalists.’ shirt from site

The shirt was removed from the site within a day.

On Nov 30, 2017 by Samantha Reichstein

90s graphic tees

Only ’90s kids will understand how cool these graphic tees are

Gnarly, dude.

On Oct 4, 2017 by Jaime Carrillo

Swastika t-shirt K A Designs

This clothing company is facing massive backlash for trying to reclaim the swastika

K A Designs, though, is not backing down.

On Aug 7, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

Frank Ocean shirt

This Frank Ocean shirt is sending the internet into a tizzy

Here's where you can buy it.

On Jul 29, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

Blake Griffin pioneers shirt obama martin luther king muhammad ali

The L.A. Clippers put Blake Griffin on a T-shirt alongside Ali, Gandhi, MLK, and Obama


On Jul 2, 2017 by Chris Tognotti

Wonder Woman T-Shirt Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot’s husband shows on his T-shirt why she’s one of the biggest bada***s on the planet

Totally fierce.

On Jun 18, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

Paul Ryan troll photo

Paul Ryan trolled by guy in ‘Repeal and go f**k yourself’ T-shirt

Burned—and he didn't even know it.

On May 7, 2017 by Chris Tognotti

Homepage article image

Even Rob Thomas loves the ‘Smooth’ by Santana ft. Rob Thomas meme

Man, it's a hot one.

On Jul 27, 2016 by Jay Hathaway

Homepage article image

Spend the Fourth of July with the most patriotic T-shirts ever produced

Lookin' good, Abraham Lincoln.

On Jul 4, 2016 by Katey Psencik

Homepage article image

6 things you’ve been throwing away that you can sell on eBay instead

It's time to turn your trash into cash.

On May 27, 2016 by Mike Wehner

Homepage article image

Bomani Jones makes fashion statement with ‘Caucasians’ shirt on ESPN

He's certainly started a conversation.

On Apr 7, 2016 by Josh Katzowitz

Homepage article image

These people wore the perfect shirts for their celebrity encounters

The Jeff Bridges encounter might be the best.

On Oct 9, 2015 by Josh Katzowitz