Trisha Paytas and Shane Dawson with 16yo Trevi Moran discussing blowjobs

Trisha Paytas says Shane Dawson made her take down inappropriate video of him with minor

She said it was one of the 'multiple videos' he made her remove.

On Jan 23, 2021 by Samira Sadeque

Joey Graceffa Shane Dawson putting on blackface

Video of YouTubers Shane Dawson and Joey Graceffa in blackface resurfaces

'I never expected you to make the most racist video of all time.'

On Jul 29, 2020 by Bryan Rolli

Jeffree Star

Morphe drops Jeffree Star from its brand amid controversies

Jeffree Star is getting called out for old racist videos.

On Jul 10, 2020 by Moises Mendez II

Shane Dawson

YouTube demonetizes Shane Dawson channels in wake of Willow Smith masturbation clip

Target and makeup brand Morphe also dropped the YouTuber.

On Jun 30, 2020 by Moises Mendez II

willow smith family shane dawson

Jaden, Jada Pinkett call out Shane Dawson for ‘masturbating’ to Willow Smith when she was a child

An old clip of Dawson recently resurfaced.

On Jun 28, 2020 by Alexandra Samuels

shane dawson youtube controversy

Shane Dawson addresses videos in blackface, saying the N-word, and pedophilia jokes

'I should have probably lost my career.'

On Jun 27, 2020 by Alexandra Samuels

Shane Dawson Jeffree Star coronavirus

Shane Dawson is worried he infected Jeffree Star with coronavirus

'I think I had the corona. I think everybody around me had the corona.'

On Mar 18, 2020 by Josh Katzowitz

Shane Dawson secret YouTube channel

Shane Dawson’s secret YouTube channel isn’t so secret anymore

The subscriber count is rapidly growing.

On Jan 6, 2020 by Josh Katzowitz

Shane Dawson Jeffree Star YouTube series

Shane Dawson riles up fans with trailer for new YouTube series on Jeffree Star

Millions of people are pumped.

On Sep 25, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz


YouTubers Eugenia Cooney and Shane Dawson make a joint comeback

Cooney opened up about her eating disorder for the very first time.

On Jul 20, 2019 by Eilish O'Sullivan

Shane Dawson cat memes

The Shane Dawson cat controversy has resulted in these sex memes

Some of these are disturbing.

On Mar 20, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

Shane Dawson losing YouTube subscribers

Here’s how many YouTube subscribers Shane Dawson lost for his old bestiality joke

Some of the internet is still grossed out.

On Mar 19, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

Jovan Hill Twitter Shane Dawson James Charles

This Twitter user wants to expose white YouTubers for racist, transphobic content

Twitter user @Jovanforever says he wants to ‘f*ck up every white life I can.’

On Mar 18, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

Shane Dawson cat sex memes

Shane Dawson once joked about ejaculating on his cat—and people are furious

Yes, there are now cat sex memes.

On Mar 18, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz

Shane Dawson YouTube conspiracy theory Chuck E Cheese pizza

Shane Dawson reheats conspiracy theory about Chuck E. Cheese’s pizza (updated)

This might curb your appetite.

On Feb 12, 2019 by Josh Katzowitz