Pilot 'speedrunner' says he landed an hour early

‘Pilot speedrunning community????’: Delta pilot says he landed an hour early

'Come fly my next flight please.'

On Jan 4, 2024 by Audra Schroeder

Alaska airlines airplane in air

Off-duty Alaska Airlines pilot who tried to crash a plane with 83 passengers blamed it on taking mushrooms for the first time

He also tried to open an emergency door, according to court filings

On Oct 24, 2023 by Marlon Ettinger

People in airport wearing pilots hats with caption 'Why did Frontier think my husband and his mom were the actual airplane pilots?' (l&r) Frontier Airlines logo on monitor (c)

‘I am positive they were the reason we didn’t leave on time!’: Passengers say Frontier thought they were the actual pilots after they put on pilot hats

'And that’s why you don’t fly Frontier.'

On Aug 8, 2023 by Jack Alban

Olivia Munn Twitter exchange pilot

Olivia Munn teases pilot too shy to take a photo with her

Olivia Munn is bae.

On Nov 23, 2018 by Nahila Bonfiglio

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Pilot has to be removed from plane after ranting to passengers about her divorce, politics

Reportedly, more than half the passengers left the plane.

On Feb 13, 2017 by Josh Katzowitz

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This airplane pilot draws the prettiest sky pictures you’ve ever seen

This pilot is a true artist.

On Dec 2, 2016 by Josh Katzowitz

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93-year-old pilot who broke the sound barrier will happily roast you on Twitter

The best advice on Twitter.

On Aug 31, 2016 by David Britton

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Top post on graphic porn subreddit has nothing to do with sex

This guy just wanted to get high.

On Dec 16, 2015 by Luke Winkie

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Private jet pilots show you what they do all day, in music-video form

They do sit around, all right.

On Nov 17, 2015 by Michelle Jaworski

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Here’s Hannibal Buress’s rejected Comedy Central pilot

Has anyone made a 'More like unwatchable' joke yet?

On Oct 8, 2015 by Audra Schroeder

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Amazon lines up Louis C.K., Shaq, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Diablo Cody for fall pilots

Amazon will weigh the number of views and direct viewer feedback in determining which shows to greenlight.

On Sep 23, 2015 by [email protected]

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Dude straps mini drones together to make a real-life ROFLCOPTER

It's not the most graceful flight.

On Sep 2, 2015 by Marianne Kirby

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Are Amazon’s 2 new pilots, ‘Casanova’ and ‘Sneaky Pete,’ any good?

You'll love 'Casanova', but give 'Sneaky Pete' a miss.

On Aug 11, 2015 by Tom Harrington

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Amazon reportedly taps Shane Black for Western pilot

This is a match made in heaven.

On May 16, 2015 by Joey Keeton

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Here’s 24-year-old Amy Poehler in a hilariously ’90s comedy pilot

Something to fill the Leslie Knope–sized hole in your heart.

On Feb 26, 2015 by [email protected]