People in airport wearing pilots hats with caption 'Why did Frontier think my husband and his mom were the actual airplane pilots?' (l&r) Frontier Airlines logo on monitor (c)

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‘I am positive they were the reason we didn’t leave on time!’: Passengers say Frontier thought they were the actual pilots after they put on pilot hats

‘And that’s why you don’t fly Frontier.’


Jack Alban


A TikToker who goes by Flower (@daisyflw92) has gone viral for sharing that Frontier Airlines may have mistaken two passengers wearing pilot hats for actual pilots.

The TikToker uploaded a video documenting the situation on Thursday, and it has accrued over 32,000 views since.

@daisyflwr92 I am positive they wwre the reason we didnt leave on time! #ohareairport #frontierairlines #funnyvideos #husbandoftheyear #momsoftiktok #fyp #parati #foryoupage ♬ Face Dance – Funny Tok

In the clip, Flower records her husband and mother-in-law in line to board a plane. The duo sported white pilot hats while waiting to board the aircraft with other fliers. Text overlaying the video reads: “Why did Frontier think my husband and his mom were the actual airplane pilots?”

In the video’s caption, the TikToker adds, “I am positive they [were] the reason we didnt leave on time!”

Flower posted a crying laughing emoji in the comments section and responded to several viewers with similarly humorous emojis, seemingly indicating that her post was a joke. Viewers thought it was hilarious.

“I can’t stop watching and laughing!!! mama looks like she could drive that plane!” one commented.

“I would’ve been [like] HECK YEAH MY PEOPLE DOING BIG [THANGGSSS],” another joked.

One commenter took the video as an opportunity to take a jab at the oft-critiqued budget airline, writing, “Probably bc with those prices they be lettin anyone fly that can of sardines.”

“And that’s why you don’t fly Frontier,” another quipped.

Frontier Airlines has been on the receiving end of a lot of social media criticism as of late. In July of 2023, one passenger called the brand’s all-you-can-fly GoWild! Summer Pass a scam, stating that they were having difficulty actually booking flights with the pass, despite forking over the money for it.

Then there was another passenger who said that she was bumped from a Frontier flight because there wasn’t enough room for her. Another Frontier flier said they heard one of the airline’s flight attendants jokingly tell a mother that they were going to toss her crying baby out the window.

And then there are all of the complaints about the airline charging people for carry-on bags, even when the bags fit in the sizing mechanisms passengers can use to check whether their luggage can fit on board. Some speculate that a commission employees get for each oversize bag is to blame.

Flower continued her initial joke in a follow-up video that shows her mother-in-law still rocking the pilot hat. Her husband, however, seemed to give up on the gag.

@daisyflwr92 For legal purposes 😂😂THIS IS ALL A DRAMATIZATION ☠️ #frontierairlines #ohareair #cancunvacation #vacationmode #pilotsoftiktok #funnyvideos #funnymoments #husbandsoftiktok #momsoftiktok #fyp #parati #foryoupage #husbandoftheyear ♬ Oh No No No – Music Falcon

While it seems that Flower was jesting about her husband and his mom pretending to be pilots with the hats they rocked, there have been other viral instances of folks pretending to be pilots on commercial flights. In 2022, one woman showed how her boyfriend would name his iPhone “Pilot” and proceed to Airdrop other fliers a photo of a pilot using a selfie stick to snap a picture of himself from outside the window of a plane.

Other instances of pilot fakery are not as humorous, however. In 2010, it was reported that maintenance worker Thomas Salme became a Boeing 737 pilot who flew passengers for 13 years after spending a few nights in a flight simulator program and then printing out a forged pilot’s license.

The Daily Dot contacted Flower via TikTok comment and Frontier Airlines via email for further information.

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