Here’s Hannibal Buress’s rejected Comedy Central pilot

On Tuesday, comedian Hannibal Buress offered fans a little piece of history: the pilot for his rejected Comedy Central pilot, Unemployable

The pilot, which was shot in 2014, was never picked up by the network; instead, Comedy Central debuted Buress vehicle Why? over the summer, which didn’t quite make an impact. It seems to be a popular opinion on Twitter that the network made the wrong choice and Unemployable is much funnier, though that’s hard to assess from a 20-minute clip in which Hannibal Buress is, well, Hannibal Buress.  

We see him get into Dirty Jobs territory and clean up goat poop, as well as work in a restaurant in New Orleans. Like other Comedy Central shows, the segments are cut with scenes of Buress doing standup, but it doesn’t really flow in the context of the show. 

Still, it’s cool that fans get to see it. The show now joins The Reggie Watts Show, Eugene Mirman’s Eugene!, Kyle Kinane’s Going Nowhere, and Zach Galifianakis’s Speed Freaks—which was about people who blow up meth labs in the name of justice and also starred Wet Hot American Summer’s A.D. Miles—in the halls of rejected Comedy Central pilots. 

H/T Zap 2 It | Screengrab via Hannibal Buress/Vimeo 

Audra Schroeder

Audra Schroeder

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