Private jet pilots show you what they do all day, in music-video form

The life of a private jet pilot isn’t as glamorous as you might think, and now those pilots  have the parody music video to prove it.

Mike Wagner, who flies for an undisclosed client, got his colleagues together to perform their own take on the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around”—only this time it’s “I Sit Around.” They sit while they’re flying and doing their job, but most of the time they spend their days around airports—although their seats look a lot comfier than what you or I have to deal with while waiting for a flight.

Not only do they replicate the Beach Boys, but they also manage to nail Brian Wilson’s falsetto. And while they may be sitting around all day, they did get a cool music video out of it.

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Screengrab via Mike Wagner/YouTube

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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